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  1. Bluetooth Hearing Aid
  2. Smartlink and I-Link
  3. The Ongoing Evolution of Bluetooth in Hearing Care
  4. Bluetooth and MP3 player capability in Hearing Aids
  5. Although not Bluetooth, but Wireless Microphone System called Conversor
  6. Headphones that boost certain frequencies for use also as hearing aids?
  7. Any experience with ELI DirX?
  8. Need help and advice for Bluetooth
  9. Open fit hearing aids and bluetooth headsets
  10. Bluetooth and CICs?
  11. Smartlink & Bluetooth
  12. Eli Dirx
  13. Artone Bluetooth LoopSet
  14. Bluetooth Neck Loop Tested, Artone
  15. Artone Bluetooth
  16. Artone bluetooth loopset
  17. What things do I need for Bluetooth ELI and Phonak?
  18. Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) and Wireless Devices
  19. Oticon Integrates Wireless Bluetooth Receiver In New Epoq Hearing Aids
  20. Artone and Treo PDA
  21. The best I've found so far
  22. Beetle H1 w/ 2 Hooks
  23. Using Hearing Aids With An MP3
  24. Which is Better
  25. MicroPover V 300d dAZ + Maxit Bluetooth Loopset
  26. MicroPover V 300d dAZ + Maxit Bluetooth Loopset
  27. Artone Bluetooth Version?
  28. Iphone not T-Coil Compatible
  29. Bluetooth Cordless phone?
  30. MaxIT vs. Artone
  31. Custom hearing aid with telecoil only
  32. Artone loopset and microphones
  33. Artone Bluetooth LoopSet Starkey 1200 ite
  34. Sound ID SoundFlavors
  35. Phonak Smartlink
  36. Artone Neckloop charger
  37. New Artone Product?
  38. bluetooth and wired in one device?
  39. ELI Bluetooth
  40. Trial period Artis bluetooth
  41. Headsets: Artone vs. SoundClarity vs. NoizFree
  42. iCom & Smartlink
  43. What if you don't have a T-coil?
  44. MaxIt bluetooth loopset
  45. Bluetooth microphones
  46. Bluetooth stereo Adaptor fpr Phonak Exelia/Naida
  47. Siemens Pure - Another Bluetooth Aid?
  48. I need a hands-free solution.
  49. Bluetooth Hub for phones
  50. T-Coil
  51. Streamer-iCom-Tek Comparison ??s
  52. Pairing/Programming Epoq Streamers
  53. Stereo Audio Gateways to Exelia and Naida
  54. Non Blutooth solutions
  55. Any Artone TVB Users Out There?
  56. Artone question for Admin - website
  57. iCOM Review
  58. Review of the Epoq Streamer...
  59. Beetle H1 Thoughts?
  60. ICom issues
  61. Using icom with office land line
  62. Test result review for audio Gateways with Phonak´s iCom streamer and Ideas to improv
  63. ELI and BTE aids
  64. DIY bluetooth hands free headset - no wires!
  65. Eli Dirx for sale on ebay
  66. iCom can´t be used when its charging
  67. question for iCom users
  68. Arttone Bluetooth Loopset "Accident"
  69. Artone / icom
  70. Bluetooth using DAI / Jabra BT3030 / ELI
  71. Icom-what accessories are included?
  72. WTK: cheapest place for an ICOM for Phonak NAIDA
  73. ICOM Microphone problem?
  74. Loop System v. Bluetooth how does sound compare?
  75. iCom vs Streamer - First Impressions
  76. bluetooth w/3pin plug into HA to cell phone
  77. Phonak iCOM - Bluetooth Adapters
  78. iCom - Bluetooth Pairing Guide
  79. Use Siemens Tek with office phone?
  80. ICOM help and I guess I know the answer
  81. Samsang M300 and Widex Aikia
  82. Epoq Streamer ???
  83. Are Widex Aika Ak-9 BTE aids
  84. Oticon Epoq/mac & iPhone/bluetooth
  85. Bluetooth Technology and ELI
  86. iCom sound quality - like a bad speakerphone?
  87. iCOM & LS5145
  88. Report; iCOM & Motorola DC800
  89. question on the sound quality through iCom
  90. Artone Bluetooth ques
  91. Trouble With Icom & Jabra A7010
  92. Beetle H-2 ST
  93. Report; iCOM-Exelia-Vtech LS5145
  94. Siemens Pure 700 - Problems with Speech Comprehension?
  95. Apple iPhone and Telecoil Use?
  96. to the Icube wireles fitting hardware is a desktop table charger that looks so smart
  97. Bernafon ICOS and Bluetooth?
  98. Naida-iCom with Vtech SL5145
  99. ? for Siemens Tek users
  100. iCube desktopcharger
  101. NEW ClearSounds CLA7BT Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop
  102. new firmware update for iCom make it possible to use and charge it same time
  103. iCom features wishlist
  104. Oticon Epoch V streamer
  105. Phonak Certena - mid-range aid with Bluetooth!
  106. Siemens Pure 700 or Oticon Epoq
  107. Bluetooth headset for Widex Inteo CIC
  108. Oticon Dual Connect XW
  109. Expoq - XW - question.
  110. Test result of the Anycom Bluetooth audio Gateway Bag-10 .
  111. Jabra A120 within 3.5mm
  112. Streamer vs Tek
  113. iCom and myPilot Bluetooth Controls
  114. Siemens TEK -- Review Draft
  115. HA surround sound...
  116. artone and oticon delta
  117. has anyone paired an iCom with an AT&T bluetooth home phone?
  118. Newbie: HA on landline phones & buying online
  119. iCom
  120. Oticon Epoq HA stopped working suddenly
  121. Jabra A120 audio 3.5mm
  122. Update - Blackberry Pearl 8100 now does streaming Audio
  123. Need Advice for Pure, Epoq or Exelia?
  124. Anyone know of a start-up working on a combo HA/BT headset
  125. Bluetooth time delay TV
  126. Duals & Bluetooth on Blackberry Bold
  127. tcoil plus a Jabra BT3030 bluetooth?
  128. iphone and phonak smartlink
  129. Question For Tek Users
  130. Oticon Dual - Day 1 experiances
  131. Settings after new battery
  132. streamers
  133. Can Siemens tek be used with Costco premium
  134. Beetles
  135. Any trick to using an iCom with a Dell Laptop?
  136. Siemens Tek - can't initiate pairing mode
  137. Naida ???'s Again
  138. Motorola S705
  139. little trouble with iCom
  140. New Artone Neckloop
  141. iCom and Bluetooth phone
  142. iCom/Phone ambient sound
  143. iCOM & GPS
  144. I need to Always Manually Switch Between 'Headset' and 'Hands Free' On same device?
  145. Artone Bluetooth Neckloop
  146. Phonak Click n Talk
  147. Icom TV blutooth transmitter
  148. iCom Bluetooth "programme" vs Auto
  149. Phonak Audeo Yes IV's sound drops off
  150. iCom can do many more here a list:
  151. Oticon Dual Connect Xw
  152. So new to this whole thing.
  153. iCube for Audeo YES or others???
  154. Artone TVB does it work?
  155. Bluetooth Neckloop w/Lapel Mic
  156. Nu-Ear Rhapsody 1200 inside ear canals - newbie, advise needed
  157. Are the Oticon Vigo power pro and Rexton Cobalt comparable???
  158. Deaf in one ear - Bluetooth Dual Aid
  159. Artone - product give away - for a photo!
  160. New Technology is leaving me behind....
  161. FM system for WIdex Inteo hearing AID
  162. Where can I buy a Phonak Icom...??
  163. How to connect Oticon Streamer to TV?
  164. BLUETOOTH STEREO GATEWAY Where can I get one
  165. Sennheiser RS 140 RF system and FM capable HAs
  166. Help needed with icom
  167. iCom paired with Jabra A7010
  168. Siemans TEK life 500 performance
  169. iCom battery life indicator on myPilot?
  170. Expected Battery Life for iCom and MyPilot
  171. using Phonak smartlink SX with PC/laptop via bluetooth
  172. iCom with USB Bluetooth
  173. Switch ICom between two devices?
  174. Will one dead YES aid disrupt Bluetooth?
  175. Homemade Bluetooth Earpiece for BTE Wearers
  176. Oticon Streamer Phone Quality
  177. Can iCom be used with ALDs?
  178. Connect an iCOM to a TV ?
  179. Aftermarket Bluetooth
  180. iCom and cell phone issues
  181. Has anyone bought Bluetooth & not used it?
  182. Jabra A7010 Where to buy? US, UK or DE
  183. streamer and LG enV Touch cell paired
  184. Jabra and Soundgate
  185. ICom and ATT Cordless
  186. Siemens SL370 + Streamer Blues
  187. Unitron Passport
  188. All invited to join Artone facebook page
  189. sartlink II
  190. Changing VC while streaming with Streamer
  191. icom and iphone poor range
  192. Oticon Connectline
  193. Help! Need some bluetooth advise.
  194. Phonak Naida, Gigaset SL565
  195. Streamer & iPhone 3gs OS 3.1 Voice Commands
  196. Resound Sparx & Bluetooth?
  197. Phonak iCom vs. iPhone 3GS problems
  198. Does iCom and Voiis Stero gateway/Bluetooth have the sound delay issue
  199. controling volume with icom
  200. Feedback on how iCom sounds with cell phone via bluetooth
  201. Phonak iCom
  202. Any evidence of bluetooth & health risks?
  203. Tek Connect and iPhone
  204. Coblat vs Verite
  205. fyi Cisco IP Phone with iCom
  206. HELP Artone Neckloop and Artone MS Neckloop
  207. Which bluetooth neckloop?
  208. Office-HAC Headset in Callcenter - Behind the Ear
  209. Can you put a call "on hold" with icom without hanging up
  210. How can I bluetooth connect my phonak iCom to my iMac?
  211. New hearing aids!
  212. Trial period for Oticon Streamer?
  213. Sony and ICom
  214. iPhone bluetooth and Soundgate issues
  215. iCom/Audeo SMART IX Sound Quality
  216. iCom/VOIIS Volume
  217. Successor to Jabra A7010 and JX10 Hub
  218. Siemens Tek Device Questions
  219. TEK Connect Vs. iCOM
  220. iCOM audio input - what triggers it?
  221. iCOM and IPFG program
  222. Savia 311 dSZ and Bluetooth
  223. I'm a Newbie
  224. What is available?
  225. Smartlink and bluetooth
  226. Are the iCom, TEK, and Streamer devices just big rip-offs?
  227. Jabra A7010 - My own Voice Too Loud
  228. Phonak Versata or Phonak Certena with smartlink with ml10 and mypoilt for the hearing
  229. iCom and Voiis Bluetooth Information
  230. What is the TEK mostly used for - phone??
  231. Connectline TV Unit will not power up
  232. Connecting iCOM to Laptop?
  233. Icom and Plantronics Voyager 500a vs. Jabra A7010
  234. iphone and streamers/neckloops
  235. Phonak iCube
  236. Problems with Streamer
  237. Can a hearing aid accomodate 2 Icoms??
  238. New to this info on bluetooth required
  239. How do you turn off an Oticon Streamer?
  240. Oticon Streamer ?'s
  241. iPFG, phonak and ICUBE - do it yourself?
  242. iCom/uDirect Audio Streaming Quality ?
  243. Oticon Streamer Poll
  244. I-Com with new Phonaks
  245. Siemens TEK Measurements anybody?
  246. ATT TL92278 and I-COM
  247. Voice Dialing on Blackberry and Streamer, works well
  248. Phonak Versata CIC with iCOM?
  249. HELP Pairing Phonak Bluetooth
  250. Additional Tek Transmitter