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  1. What is a Cochlear Implant?
  2. Question
  3. Study Reveals Benefits of Cochlear Implants on Speech Skills Following Meningitis
  4. What is BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid)?
  5. Accessories needed
  6. Used CI Processor
  7. otologics implantable hearing aid
  8. I am a candidate
  9. Anyone with experience with two BAHAs?
  10. Digital Hearing Aids OR Cochlear Implant OR Anything else????
  11. Deaf boy has processor stolen
  12. Deaf new baby
  13. CI Questions
  14. Whats BAHA
  15. What's The Cost?????
  16. Cochlear implants in Nz
  17. What is better?
  18. hearing aid on non cochlear implant side
  19. Is it painful?
  20. Too wide to wear?
  21. Any New Information out there
  22. Baha Intenso Volume
  23. International criteria for cochlear implants when there is some hearing on one side
  24. Middle ear implants and other listening situations
  25. Infant Hearing Screenings
  26. Cochlear Implant & FM System
  27. Soundbite
  28. BAHA Programming
  29. Cochlear Implant Processor Cover
  30. Getting my CI in one week
  31. Invisible Cochlear Implant
  32. Cost of BP100 vs Pronto Pro
  33. Esteem Hearing Implant
  34. Ponto for me?
  35. CI/BAHA Evaluation Scheduled
  36. Sydney/Australia - how good is peadiatric support for Med-El implants there?
  37. New AB CI Processor
  38. New Implant being developed in Germany
  39. Cochlear BAHA 4 Power
  40. BAHA by Cochlear vs Ponto by Oticon - Which is better & why
  41. Dad gets sweet implant tattoo for his daughter
  42. Otticon pronto
  43. Any advise welcome please