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  11. About Um bongo (real name also Steve)
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  24. starting my own practice
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  33. body hearing aid
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  36. Hello to everyone: About me
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  38. Care Credit ?
  39. Needed - H.I.S. SPONSOR for Trainee!
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  41. Copy of audiogram report
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  44. figuring out alera vs future
  45. New member introduction
  46. seeking ReSound Azure setup in Vancouver, B.C.
  47. Dream Office
  48. OK to trial two different sets of HA's at the same time
  49. Introduction from newbie
  50. How would I do a demo?
  51. Are independents better?
  52. Update: Trialing Starkey Wi.
  53. Hello from HearUSA
  54. A little about me
  55. ReSound Aventa 3, airlink and Costco Future
  56. Oticon AGIL Power Corda Tubes
  57. Trials
  58. Hearing aid clinic dispensing policy?
  59. Insurance procedures
  60. Bernafon chrono's 9 cp aids
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  64. signing something ahead of time
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  66. aids not working right during trial
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  70. DocAudio
  71. Hello from Embrace Hearing
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  73. Earmolds
  74. ? Zct
  75. What does your office look like?
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  78. Need opinion and suggestion from those in the business PLEEEEZ!
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  80. Doc Jake
  81. Hello All
  82. How far would you go for your client?
  83. Audiologist do you have any ideas?
  84. How to get into the hearing aid industry?
  85. Buying Groups
  86. agil pros go to 10k but genie goes to 8k
  87. Question about Feedback
  88. Thehearingcompany
  89. All those DIY's
  90. Profound Loss Phonax Aids
  91. Southwestern Ontario
  92. Can you wear a BTE and RIC that work together?
  93. Spokane, WA recommendation?
  94. Where to buy Starkey tubes for WI 110
  95. udirect and icom one and the same?
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  99. Phonak Bolero Q
  100. If I asked this question to my Audi, would it be allowed?
  101. Transfer of settings
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  103. Phonak audeo VS Oticon Alta pro
  104. Unitron warranty
  105. Question for contributing audis and dispensers
  106. Alzheimer's and Hearing Aids
  107. Real Ear Measurement and speech mapping
  108. How many channels for near-normal LF hearing but ski-slope HF loss
  109. ReSound Aventa 3 software
  110. What questions would you like to ask your patients?
  111. Any chance a practicing HA dispenser in the DC metro area, working at Costco, is reading here?
  112. Conflicting info from audiologists...do I need a third opinion?
  113. Central Park ENT???
  114. NJ Audiologist
  115. UK Hearing Aid Dispenser looking to work in the US
  116. Old Technology?
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  118. REM machines how useful are they?
  119. adjustment cost
  120. Siemens, Hansaton, & ?
  121. Hearing test
  122. Northern Virginia help?
  123. Audioligist
  124. Would you recommend a newcomer into the field of hearing aid dispensing (State of California)?
  125. Help wanted.
  126. ISO: Audiologist in NW Wisconsin or East Minnesota
  127. need help with school assignment- questions for someone who has worked with children with hearing loss
  128. Advice for a First Time HA User?
  129. First timer. Need help
  130. Hearing Aid for right ear
  131. Question for contributing audiologists on the forum
  132. bluetooth BTE hearing aids in cool colors, do they exist?
  133. Advantages/disadvantages to seeing an audiologist who works for a not for profit hospital
  134. Custom Ear Molds for Motorcyclists / Remolds for HA Pt's with BTE's.
  135. new HA user with loss in only one ear looking for advice
  136. Another newbie to HA's looking for advice
  137. Need Hearing Aid Specialist to sponsor me in Pensacola area
  138. Looking for audiologist to help in a schoolproject!
  139. Recommendation Dallas area
  140. anyone in upstate NY or Vermont??
  141. Professional opinion
  142. Audiologists in London
  143. Do I need register my HAs in FDA website before send them to US to repair?
  144. Audiologist advice needed for setting tone control on my analog hearing aid according to my audiogram.
  145. Questions about Resound