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  1. searching for fitiing software
  2. self programming where to get hard- and software
  3. Successful project to make a DIY CS44A Phonak programming cable
  4. Programming Adapters desperately needed
  5. Expressfit with Sonic Ion.
  6. Can digital HAs be "reset"?
  7. Looking for Bernafon Oasis 16 software?
  8. Programming hearin aids
  9. "bidbybid" on eBay - another positive review.
  10. Adjust them myself aids??
  11. Widex Programmers
  12. Phonak Target 3.0 on eBay
  13. AudioService Database for Connexx 6.5
  14. Phonak Ambra H2O - DIY success.
  15. What do I need to program Phonak Audeo S
  16. 2 questions re: Phonak target 3.0
  17. Want to purchase phonak ICube. Any suggestions?
  18. If I have ICUBE and TARGET software do I need NOAH software
  19. unitron truefit software
  20. Oticon Genie upgrade
  21. connexx 6.5.2
  22. CONNEXX MANUAL 6.5.2 (or 7)
  23. Detailed Manual for Phonak Target 3
  24. Adjusting your own Hearing Aids.. My experience to date
  25. Questions re: Phonak Target and my hearing loss
  26. Looking for Connexx 7 fitting software.
  27. Widex USB link?
  28. Target Software and iPad or iMac?
  29. Success with Hi-pro serial and Sonic Ions
  30. Phonax iCom vs iCube
  31. bernafon oasis software
  32. Lots of stuff on eBay right now
  33. Tubing
  34. Changing microphone filters
  35. Putting my DIY stuff on eBay now
  36. iCube Target & Audeo Yes IX
  37. Alera 961 ?
  38. Self-programming Resound Aleras 961
  39. Bernafon Oasis at eBay
  40. Hi pro install cd
  41. Blind users programming hearing aids
  42. obtaining target 3.x for testing and eximination
  43. Sell Software and universal programmer hearing aids
  44. resetting phonak icom
  45. Oticon boots
  46. ipfg launcher problem
  47. Need GN Resound Airlink
  48. Inspire 2013.3 vs. Inspire 2010.2
  49. set up of PHONAK mypilot
  50. America Hears CIC
  51. Oticon Ino Pro rite
  52. Phonak function - Copy left to right function available?
  53. Interesting PDF to help with programming Phonak Spice HAs.
  54. Discount supplies and accessories
  55. unitron U:fit software
  56. Software for MicroTech?
  57. Another article in the media about the high cost of HAs.
  58. NAL to Phonak-loud voices
  59. Smartlink + & Naida S & Q
  60. iCube
  61. Transfer Settings
  62. Hardware ReSound/Aventa3
  63. Sifit database
  64. Aventa3 Software ?
  65. Help Programing with Aventa 3.1
  66. Siemens Programmer
  67. Connexx with sifit,rexfit and elecfit databases
  68. need earhooks - ReSound Azure AZ60
  69. need earhooks - ReSound Azure AZ60
  70. seovb test
  71. Widex Programmer(s)
  72. oticon intiga rite
  73. unitron icube programmer
  74. Phonak Target Question
  75. Software and Hardware available
  76. Looking for Connexx 7 fitting SW
  77. Resound Forza with Detached Microphone from Costco
  78. MDEX Complaints from call recipients
  79. bluetooth streaming
  80. New MagicEar programmer!
  81. Changing HA programs yourself would void warranty?
  82. X and O on Hearing Test
  83. Progaming Oticon Epoq V Boots/Shoes
  84. Oticon Epoq V
  85. Starkey Inspire / cables
  86. lame?
  87. searching for Bernafon Oasis software?
  88. New member and new Phonak HA's
  89. Phonak Target Software
  90. Costco Fitting SW. KS5
  91. change Simens Agil Pro from standard to power receiver
  92. Good to see Resound no longer put a password for Aventa 3.6 zip file
  93. Does anyone know for sure?
  94. Equivalents for the ReSound Airlink dongle?
  95. self-programming: adjusting for recruitment
  96. Bernafon Oasis 19.0 software
  97. Programming a Ambra M H2O
  98. Uploading Torrents Containing Programming Software's?
  99. looking for anly of the latest versions of bernafon oasis sotfware
  100. How to self program Starkey WI-110's?
  101. Need HA Programming Software?
  102. programing and saving sessions with ReSound Aventa
  103. DIY Rexton Bridge 8+ programming
  104. Tool for detaching an Oticon Micro Mold
  105. Forgot Password
  106. I'm taking the plunge
  107. Aventa Issues
  108. Hearing Aid Lanyard / Strap
  109. Programing Hardware and cables available
  110. Programming cable for Siemens micon 3/5/7mi?
  111. Programming cable for Starkey S-iQ series
  112. Problem programming ReSound Alera 961
  113. Where can I get widex compass GPS?
  114. Problem with fitting hardware
  115. Imitation HI-PRO Products for Sale in the Market Otometrics Issues Alert
  116. America Hears Freedom Silver clipping
  117. ClearFlex Hearing Aids
  118. Software Instalation disc for Hi-Pro USB
  119. Mind controlled hearing aid
  120. Connexx software and cable for Quintra
  121. DAI Euro port schematics
  122. Hansaton DQ/49 4C D hearing aids (digi Q)
  123. What do I need for DIY Phonak Audeos?
  124. Cable free fitting problem
  125. Frozen hearing aids
  126. Self Programming DOs and DON'Ts
  127. Programming the Phonak Audeo
  128. Programming the Oticon Chili
  129. First post, and an offer for folks in the DFW area...
  130. Siemens SiFit Database for Life 701
  131. Buying speaker wire/receivers from Costco
  132. Do not pay for the Fitting Software, it's Free
  133. Buying speaker wire/receivers online
  134. Programming the Oticon Alta Pro miniRITE
  135. Programming the Phonak Audeo Q
  136. What do I need to program Phonak Audeo V90?
  137. iCube or HI-PRO for Phonak Quest line
  138. Phonak Icube vs Icube II
  139. Buying a Hi-Pro in Eurore vs USA
  140. Buying a Hi-Pro in Europe vs USA
  141. My wife's Phonak Audeo Q90 DIY fitting
  142. Phonak Target usage report reset
  143. StarKey Inspire CD 2014.2 on eBay
  144. Flex Strip for Resound Linx
  145. Anyone know where to get GN Resound's Aventa software from?
  146. Bernafon OASIS 15.0 on eBAY
  147. Does any one know where to get Hansaton's Hansafit fitting software?
  148. DIY REM (Real Ear Measurement)?
  149. Wireless Device Used to Program Oticon Agil Pros
  150. USB Hi-Pro connected to Mac running Win 7 via VirtualBox?
  151. KS6 and CS63 flex cable set
  152. Surflink Programmer US vs. UK?
  153. Possible to source battery tray for Audeo Smart III?
  154. Self programming / tweaking
  155. Windows 8 Hi-Pro USB drivers
  156. Annoyed at Audi so taking this route
  157. DIY Oticon Alta Pro hearing Aid project for less than $1000 total cost
  158. A problem with one ear's Feedback & real ear test?
  159. Buy HI-Pro USB in Europe
  160. Web Site
  161. Phonak Target Software - Mac running Windows?
  162. Request: List of Phonak Audeo V90 bands/channels
  163. Feedback Cancellation in programming
  164. genie software problems
  165. Phonak Target First time HA connect
  166. Windows 10 ?
  167. HA Program Cable Compatibility
  168. Starkey Software
  169. How to change a Receiver in an Audeo S Smart IX
  170. New Hi-Pro USB For sale
  171. Phonak Target 4.1 update problem
  172. Tweaking Siemens Carat 7bx
  173. Will Programming My Hearing Aids Void My Warranty?
  174. Hansaton Scout 3.02
  175. Why LEFT and RIGHT receivers in the canal are DIFFERENTLY specified?
  176. Looking for iCube II
  177. Upgrade Target 4.0 to 4.1
  178. Hi-Pro "Noah Compatible"
  179. Regarding eBay
  180. Programming Cables for the Inspire Software to work on the following: Xino Tinnitus 70 RIC 10
  181. How do i add a database to Connexx?
  182. wanted Noahlink or Hi-pro USB
  183. LogiCom-20 on ebay (Impact aid with FM support for those with limited hearing range)
  184. Widex Passion 330 interface options?
  185. Phonak Target mute program
  186. New Member with programming cable question
  187. Need Hansafit 7.3.0
  188. Siemens bx series programming via bluetooth
  189. Backwards compatibility of programming software
  190. Widex Compass GPS question
  191. Fitting software for Costco HA, both Trax 42 and other Costco specific models
  192. Looking for purple Starkey CS44 cable
  193. Very positive DIY experience
  194. Self-Programming Resound Linx2
  195. Help with Siemens Intuis programming settings
  196. Happy New Year you princes of self programming, you kings of DIY
  197. connexx link does not work
  198. coloring HA's
  199. looking for Oticon flexcommect strips
  200. Connexx 7 runs on Windows 10?
  201. Advice on adjusting Oticons using Genie for music
  202. searching medel Symfit
  203. Genie Bug? Soft Perception Tab disabled
  204. Connexx 7.5 and Trax 42
  205. Hi-Pro serial works fine with 64-bit Windows 10
  206. Rexton Cobalt 16 Connexx ConnexxLink not in database problem
  207. Help with Connexx please
  208. Madsen Hi-Pro Serial RS232 programmer - user manual
  209. Searching for Widex USB link
  210. Working on a new product, would love your feedback
  211. Very successfull non-standard DIY fitting strategy
  212. Serial to USB Hi-Pro, Windows 10, Macbook pro, Connexx 7.5: intermittent issues
  213. Target import
  214. Starkey Software backward compatibility Question.
  215. Identical ear moulds not the same
  216. Phonak Solana slim tubes
  217. Programming for Veterans Affairs (VA) Help
  218. Looking for guidance on purchasing Hi-Pro and CS44 cables
  219. Anyone need CS63 cables?
  220. How to speed up your Hi-Pro Serial up to 13-fold!
  221. Self programming Phonak Brio's from Costco - Can it be done?
  222. Anyone have GenieUpdater.exe?
  223. Oticon Genie 2 and FittingLink 3.0
  224. WTB 1 Widex C9+ BTE
  225. Genie 2016.1 and Alta2 pro. help, please.
  226. Retubing for my ear mold
  227. Newb needs some help on Siemens Pure 7
  228. Mini-Pro - valid option or waste of money
  229. Phonak Audeo Vs programmable with the cables?
  230. Buying direct from the maunfacturer
  231. Phonak Naida III SP daz doesn't show up in iPFG
  232. HIMSA announces the release of Noahlink Wireless
  233. Costco KS7 -- programmable with generic Connexx or locked out?
  234. Connection issue HI-PRO USB to Phonak
  235. Oticon Opn BT interface
  236. Starkey PatientBase 'local data base is not available ' error message
  237. DYI Fitting Software?!
  238. Canadian pharmacy for usa resident?
  239. What's best, cheapest AID to DIY program
  240. Material for DIY
  241. Phonak Copilot 1 HELP
  242. Costco KS7 -- correct/best fitting rule?
  243. My hearing aid story
  244. Can KS7 be programmed using the smart connect?
  245. How to understand the Connex Fine tuning graphics
  246. Were you successful programming your Starkey H/A's ?
  247. Programming adapters for Siemens Nitro CIC (year 2007) - 10A battery
  248. Widex Dream 440 RIC -- programming cables, etc.?
  249. upgrading Connexx 6.5.5
  250. Medel symfit