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  1. What's the deal with "standard" program #1 for the Bernafon Acriva 9?
  2. can u confirm the ability to "mute" the aids via programming?
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  13. Oticon Remote Control 2.0
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  15. Using Streamer shortens HA's battery life?
  16. Octicon Ria Pro
  17. problems with Oticon Alta Pro in a party setting
  18. Anyone here have experience with Oticn Altra Pro ITE or ITC aids
  19. wear receivers
  20. Another issue that I have found with the Oticon Streamer Pro
  21. Alta and Alta Pro
  22. Hi - noob here - just dropping in
  23. Tell me about water/moisture with bte digital HA
  24. Oticon Alta Pro Spectrum Analysis
  25. Second programming results Nera Pro
  26. Printing out settings
  27. Tell me about feedback please.
  28. Third programming results Nera Pro
  29. Confused about custom dome
  30. Switch from Nera Pro to Alta Pro
  31. Teach me about programs, what are they?
  32. I posted my experience with my Oticon Alta Pros
  33. New Bernafon Juna
  34. Oticon Dual Switching RIC Right for Left?
  35. Alta Pro DIY question
  36. Oticon Streamer Pro
  37. Alta Pro volume control question
  38. Battery "start up" procedure 312 batt
  39. BTE or RITE
  40. Nera Pro specific special programs?
  41. Left HA went dead, I thought it was battery
  42. How do I know if the wire is optimal length?
  43. Microphone direction settings?
  44. Had trouble at the movies today
  45. Oticon Alta Pro warranty
  46. As far as folks noticing you are wearing hearing aids - not so much
  47. Running out of stuff, batteries, domes, wax guards etc.
  48. New platform from Oticon?
  49. At the Movies
  50. Oticon Streamer Pro
  51. Problems with Oticon Acto Pros
  52. Is it possible to programm digital hearing aids to sound like analog?
  53. Breakthrough day with my (1st) aids re: programming - happy Froggy
  54. Prowax vs Prowax miniFit for Oticon inium platform (Alta Nera Ria)
  55. Oticon Alta2/Nera2/Ria2
  56. oticon streamer pro
  57. Which Oticon recommended now that new Generation is available and lowest price? March 2015
  58. Alta2 vs. Alta2 Pro
  59. How often do you replace your wax guards?
  60. REM test
  61. Bernafon Juna - my impression
  62. MPO with channelfree aids
  63. Fitting Rationales: VAC+ vs. AL-NL1, NAL-NL2 or DSL v5.0a
  64. oticon streamer pro and landline phone
  65. Disassemble Oticon Alta Pro - more than open battery slot?
  66. My new audi changed my open dome to closed - comments?
  67. Streamer Pro - Remote - Ria2 Experience?
  68. Oticon Chili SP9 self fitting
  69. New miniRITE in Cool Blue (With Pictures)
  70. Oticon Alta Pro is there a way to improve soft sounds.
  71. What do I own Alta Pro or Alta Pro 2 ???????
  72. Is it Possible to Make P1 a Specialty Program?
  73. Program "Beeps" Different Volumes?
  74. Alta Pro low battery warning.
  75. Agil Pro vs Ria/Alta 2 Pro
  76. Upgrading to new technology
  77. Oticon TV adapter 2.0
  78. Oticon Alta Pro Question
  79. Is it possible to configure/tweak your own digital hearing aid as a geek/nerd?
  80. Looking for someone who wears Oticon Alta2 model either RIC or ITC/CIC, etc
  81. New here... Design rite Neras?
  82. So confused and so frustrated!
  83. Oticon Sumo DM hearing aid's low battery warning status.
  84. Oticon agil - genie fitting
  85. Oticon Alta Pro button stuck
  86. Mute Bernafon Juna9 ?? A workaround.
  87. Telecoil function in Juna9's ??
  88. Alta2 Pro case choices
  89. Oticon Altra Pro
  90. Streamer Pro in white?
  91. New superpower - Oticon Dynamo!!!
  92. Alta Pro - slight static/white noise one side?
  93. Alta2 Pro trial and IPhone app... Couple of questions...
  94. Real Ear "test" how it works?
  95. Alta2 pro... Performance drop before battery beep?
  96. Is there difference between 16-bit and 24-bit?
  97. Can I pair streamer with more than one device? How?
  98. Oticon Intiga - Help!
  99. Oticon designRITE / miniRITE
  100. Benefon v. Oticon
  101. Bernafon Verite vs. Juna 9 Pico
  102. Oticon Ria2 generating its own noise
  103. Oticon Streamer Pro 1.1 Antenna Tip
  104. streamer pro UPGRADE?
  105. Looking at new Oticons
  106. Getting Fitted with Ria2 Pro Ti This Week
  107. Oticon Nera 2 Pro
  108. OTICON CHILI SP5 question
  109. D-Day
  110. Warbly Sound
  111. Oticon Nera 2 Questions
  112. Oticon Alta2 BTE & Streamer Pro 1.3A, trial period questions
  113. Oticon: Difference Between Programs and Personal Profiles
  114. Sonic Hearing Aids
  115. Is there anyone else wearing an Oticon Sumo DM BTE hearing aid?
  116. Oticon tv connect
  117. Oticon Alta Pro Battery/ signal issues - 3 duds in a row
  118. First impressions: Alta 2 Pro
  119. Oticon DesignRite Size
  120. Oticon Streamer Pro - External Battery
  121. Help,about Oticon Spirit Zest Hearing aid
  122. Telecoil malfunction?
  123. New Streamer Improvements?
  124. New Oticon Platform.
  125. Are Benafon's ALWAYS cheaper at costco?
  126. Oticon launches Opn hearing aids and Velox platform
  127. Is it possible that I could have a bad mic in my hearing aids.
  128. Got My Bernafon Juno 9s Today
  129. Premature Dying Batteries
  130. Streamer Pro glitch
  131. Got me a hearing test...
  132. Oticon Opn
  133. Sonova Results
  134. oticon alta 2
  135. Bernafon Directionality peaks to rear
  136. Alta 2 Inconsistant Sound Question
  137. Price on Oticon OPN
  138. Streamer Pro 3.5.3 - what's new?
  139. Oticon Agile: Directional vs Omni
  140. Oticon Chili SP9 question
  141. Oticon OPN From Alta 2
  142. Allta 2 Feedback Manager Question
  143. Streamer for Chili SP5
  144. VA and new model hearing aids
  145. Using iPhone with Oticon OPN HAs
  146. Oticon Opn Own Voice issues?
  147. Opn Update and Questions
  148. Chill SP5 Feedback Issue
  149. Bernafon Juna 9 Pico RIC questions from newbie
  150. Got New Oticon Alta2, can't connect to my streamer pro
  151. Oticon Opn. Rebooting randomly
  152. Any Reason
  153. Picked up my Opns today Feedback/encouragement are welcome ...
  154. Alta 2 static/distortion on certain audio systems?
  155. Using Oticon OPNs (Hints and such)
  156. Who makes AccuQuest Brand Hearing Aids?
  157. Should I go to an Audiologist that has experience with Oticon?
  158. How to clean Opns
  159. My Oticon OPN's
  160. Timeframe on ConnectClip/Android for OPNs?
  161. Oticon Dynamo Sp10 vs Oticon Chil SP9 comparison
  162. Alta2 - Loud Noise/Beeping Cause Clicks?
  163. Oticon Opn trial
  164. Opn upgrade from Phonak Audeo Q90 mini-review and a question
  165. It's been a month and I need some feedback ...
  166. Dead ha's brought to life with hair dryer?
  167. OPNs with IPhone and iWatch
  168. Oticon OPN - experience after 6 weeks
  169. Streamer Pro - Call Audio working but not Media Audio
  170. Heading back to the audi tomorrow for an adjustment ...
  171. Oticon Opn android app
  172. Oticon Opn problem
  173. How can you market a HA without T-Coil circuitry in a small package?
  174. Are Oticon OPN RIC only? Better than Zests for me?
  175. Oticon OPN Question about cleaning
  176. OTICON OPN right HA not working
  177. Oticon Alta Pro parts or reasonable repair?
  178. Oticon Opn Feedback
  179. Opticon Nera2 and iPhone?
  180. Do OPNs already have power molds?
  181. Speech in Noise
  182. Oticon Opn is now available in three performance levels
  183. Oticon Streamer Pro 1.1
  184. Oticon Opn's....is there a way to connect more than 1 phone at a time??
  185. What is the best way to identify/monitor the custom settings applied to my Oticon OPN hearing aids?
  186. OPN Update
  187. Why do the OPNs come with a stick on magnet?
  188. Will Soundgate 3 Work With..
  189. Opn pairing with more than one device
  190. Real frequency range of Opns
  191. Programs for Oticon Opn
  192. Oticon Opn causing tmj
  193. Oticon OPN Intermittent Clicking Sound Question
  194. Advice on slim tube aid that performs as well as Oticon Opn
  195. Oticon Opn vs Signia Motion Primax
  196. Transfering Aid Profile to Genie Question
  197. Long Time BTE Wearer Trying Oticon3 OPN Next Week
  198. Unitron vs Oticon Opn
  199. Will Oticon miniFit Domes work on Phonak receivers?
  200. Some tip after OPN new firmware update
  201. OPN with CROS/BiCROS like functionality?
  202. Static while streaming
  203. Oticon's explanation of BLE Android streaming to OPN's
  204. Phonak Virto Q to Oticon OPN review and questions...have demo units
  205. Oticon Opn - mad underwhelming
  206. Oticon OPN - single aid volume control on the aid
  207. Thoughts on Oticon OPN
  208. IoT
  209. Oticon offering $150 VISA gift card for purchase of OPN
  210. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Headset = Opn "streamer" of sorts
  211. Ebay listing for a set of OPN 1 for $2,500
  212. TV Adapter 3.0 vs. streaming from iPad
  213. Oticon worst hearing aids I have ever owned
  214. OPN on trial
  215. Oticon OPN Power BTE
  216. OPN pairing to iPhone and iPad simultaneously workaround
  217. Please Help? Wife has new Opn miniRITE HAs
  218. TV Adapter 3.0
  219. Oticon Opn miniRITE Is Now Rechargeable
  220. Oticon Opn Dimensions
  221. Individual ear-tip
  222. Oticon Speech Rescue
  223. Opn and iPhone: anyone getting good results?
  224. Need in Help - Oticon Identities
  225. iPhone can only detect one side of the HA
  226. Oticon Opn Programming
  227. Oticon OPN retail package - what speaker is included?
  228. OPN questions for a loyal Oticon buyer
  229. Distortion on phone, streamer, and in classroom
  230. Thoughts on the OPN Philosophy
  231. Would two hearing aids of the same side pair up?
  232. Questions about Oticon OPN connectivity
  233. Oticon OPN Power BTE
  234. TV Adapter 3.0 new Firmware?
  235. Bernafon and Sonic- new products later this year?
  236. Value of gently used Oticon Acto Pro?
  237. New Bernafon - MFI?
  238. Ops remote mike??
  239. Oticon Opn wireless microphone??
  240. Oticon and rock band Styx to stream world's first live concert to hearing aid wearers
  241. Oticon OPN Speech Rescue LX
  242. Need help pairing OPN 1 MiniRITE to iPhone
  243. Oticon OPN Reliability
  244. Opinion on Compression Modes
  245. Oticon mini BTE
  246. Sonic Enchant 100 vs Oticon OPN 1