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  1. Phonak Audeo S issue?
  2. Phonak Naida Q's - How do you have yours setup?
  3. Battery life - Naida Q50 need your feedback
  4. Phonak TV Link cuts out at times
  5. Audeo Q90 StereoZoom question
  6. Phonak Naida S iii UP
  7. Teenager: (BTE) Phonak Audeo Q or (CIC) Virto Q or ReSound Linx?
  8. Program /volume control on Q90
  9. Audeo Q70 - Feedback sqeal when listening to music
  10. Battery Door Removal Audeo Q90
  11. Newbie
  12. Two in family with aids use same tvlink?
  13. Problem with Compilot--having to pair over and over
  14. Naida Q and telephone
  15. naida q90 up hearing aids
  16. Quick Sync on Audeo Smart ix?
  17. Will Compilot work with any bluetooth streaming audio device?
  18. Phonak Audeo Q90 interferes with singing
  19. Phonak Bolero Q Chimes Periodocally
  20. ComPilot Button Problem: will programming fix??
  21. Phonak WhistleBlock technology
  22. Phonak Naida V UP
  23. Speech comprehension with Phonak AudeuQ90 and ComPilot
  24. Phonak new cross quality
  25. Trade up
  26. Issues with Brio 312t
  27. I just got the Phonak Naida Q90 Hearing Aids and i'm having trouble(before I got them I also had problems)
  28. Belero or Audeo
  29. Help with Nadia Q70
  30. Phonak 312 and telephone usage options
  31. Phonak Audeo Q90-10
  32. Recommended Q50, but thinking about Q70 or Q90
  33. COSTCO's Phonak Brio interference
  34. programing the bolero q90
  35. Nubie introduction.
  36. Costco Phanok Brio Hearing Aids
  37. durability Brio 312T
  38. iPFG Error Message Nadia programmin
  39. COSTCO Brio P-UP Aids
  40. Phonak Exelia micro
  41. Is AutoStereoZoom a program itself or is it a feature of a program?
  42. Combining "Reverberant Room" with StereoZoom
  43. trustworthy places to buy online
  44. Does connecting HA's to Target software wipe out existing programming?
  45. Phonak Audéo V: Next generation Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid family
  46. Audeo Q312T (Q70?)Recommended by Audiologist; Phonak Brio R-312T recommended by Costco
  47. Phonak Brio R-312T Questions...and New Hearing Aid User Questions
  48. A Salute to Phonak's Roger Pen
  49. Phonak Certena M from 2009. Time for new aids?
  50. finally i can hear dialog on tv
  51. Phonak Naida Q50s User: Pairing ZoomLink+ to ComPilot
  52. Volume control on Audeo Q30
  53. Phonak PilotOne
  54. Is it possible to get a comprehensive Target software manual for self-programming?
  55. Audeo Q90 SoundFlow programming question
  56. New user trying Phonak Audeo V
  57. phonak audeo q90 312 wax guard
  58. Compilot connection to tv, has RCA connectors?
  59. phonak remote control app
  60. New Phonak Bolero Q user
  61. Phonak V90 usage without remote control
  62. Phonak Brio 1
  63. broken tab on molded piece
  64. problem with phonak TVLink I
  65. Phonak Brio R312T Question
  66. New to this site
  67. Phonak Audeo Q-312 vs Q312T, size matters
  68. Phonak Naida Q90 RIC Problems
  69. Phonak Brio Controls Questions
  70. Buying used Phonak Audeo Q90/Costco Phonak Brio Hearing Aids
  71. What size/length Phonak speaker wire/receiver equates to Oticon size=3 ?
  72. Phonak speaker wire/receiver sealed inside custom mold, is this permanent?
  73. ComPilot II connect to Windows 7 bluetooth
  74. Does she need the Power receiver or can she get by with Standard?
  75. Connect Hearing will price match Costco Phonak Brio? or Spam?
  76. Costco Phonak Brio
  77. Phonak Bolero V: A new level of performance and reliability
  78. Phonak CROS II: The smart solution for single-sided deafness
  79. Duophone with t-coil
  80. Phonak Audeo V advice
  81. Has Real Ear Measurement made a real difference for anyone?
  82. Is the Audeo V series a revolution or just evolution compared to Quest?
  83. Audeo V70-13 FlexControl vs Volume Control How to adjust?
  84. Audeo V90 312T "buyer's remorse (Bolwero V or Siemens bimax?)
  85. ComPilot II vs ComPilot Air II - What are your experiences?
  86. Do I need the various programs on the Audeo V90 312T?
  87. Phonak Audeo Q50 Issues
  88. Is compression ratio a totally different setting from SoundRecover?
  89. Audéo V90 for $2,900/pair from Connect Hearing
  90. Phonak programming- Experienced user and Mic Attenuation. What do they change?
  91. Changing the shape of the tube?
  92. Noise from right H.A.
  93. Order placed
  94. Phonak Q90 car noise mystery and inexperienced audiologist
  95. Sennheiser wireless headphones incompatibility
  96. Exercise -- sweat! -- with Audéo V90?
  97. I decided against the ComPilot Air II and the TV Streamer
  98. Phonak Target fitting software: "Usage experience"?
  99. Ran Phonaks through washing machine
  100. Another Concert Hearing Test Tonight
  101. Costco Brio & Compilot problems
  102. Phonak Q70 trials issues and irritants
  103. Mixing ambient with BT audio using ComPilot or other BT streamers.
  104. Can individual SoundFlow programs be disabled?
  105. Phonak wax guardsu
  106. ComPilot - How to tell if its dead or just broken neckloop?
  107. Audeo V90 with CrosII
  108. Schedule for Costco Phonak Update to Venture platform
  109. Some questions, and an Audiologist nightmare yesterday
  110. What to expect from a Phonak factory repair?
  111. A Phonak 312 rave, and a question
  112. How to change a receiver in an Audeo S Smart IX
  113. How to know the model of a HA Phonak
  114. Background noise in Phonak Naida S UP
  115. Question on Duo-Phone
  116. Has anyone trialed both Phonak Brio and Rexton Trax?
  117. Phonak Audeo V90 312
  118. Phonak Virtos Ordered
  119. Phonak Una M review?
  120. Anyone have the Bolero V90?
  121. Phonak Brio After one year usage
  122. Cell Phone recommendation
  123. Costco Brio trial - observations
  124. Cant connect Target to new V90 aids
  125. Manual program for streaming settings for the Compilot?
  126. confused
  127. Bolero V70 questions
  128. CS-44 or CS-44a Cable for new V series aids?
  129. Using telephone with Nathos UP W
  130. Comparing the Phonak Q90 to the V90
  131. Phonak Target sees Hi-pro, but cannot connect to Q90 or V90 aids
  132. Virto Q90 ITC Non-Wireless, what then is missing?
  133. phoenak audeo v90
  134. Phonak Audeo V70 vs Costco Phonak Brio
  135. About SoundRecover regarding to feedback test on Phonak Naida
  136. Audeo V90 Telecoil Program Keeps Going Back To Automatic
  137. Phonak TV Link II streaming
  138. New to hearing aids, having problems getting programing right/warble effect.
  139. Compilot air...
  140. Starkey z series or phonak v90
  141. Phonak Bolero V SP vs Naida Q SP
  142. Com pilot air... Colors?
  143. Today's the Day! Phonak Virto Q90 312T Wireless ITC
  144. Phonak Sound Flow Virto Q90
  145. Question possibly a dumb one
  146. Phonak Virto V
  147. Audeo v90 312 vs 312t
  148. Phonak Audeo Q90/Q70/Q50 features
  149. Phonak Bolero vs Starkey or ??
  150. Phonak Virto Q90 Update
  151. getting new hearing aid.
  152. phonak software for home?
  153. anyone sells a compilot I?
  154. Phonak Roger Pen and land-line phones
  155. Will RemoteMic work with the iCom?
  156. Phonak V90 at Costco?
  157. Help in buying used Phonak
  158. Cable to program Q Bolero Please help
  159. My new Virto V90 ITC HA's are a winner!
  160. PilotOne range?
  161. iCube Battery Replacement
  162. Phonak Virto V90 Nano IIC On The Way
  163. PHONAK BRIO R312 T from COSTCO, Land line hearng?
  164. Audeo: what size and model to pick?
  165. Nadia Q30 RIC question
  166. Phonak Brio CIC
  167. Advice
  168. First HA's
  169. Phonak Brio at Costco
  170. Hear everything but person across the table!!
  171. Waiting for a Phonak NAIDA Q90 w/Bi-CROS
  172. Phonak Naidas comparison
  173. New Phonak hearing aids not as clear
  174. Target or iPFG for programming Exelia Art?
  175. NAL or NL-2 vs. default Phonak programming mode
  176. Phonak genealogy?
  177. Phonak Brio 312T - The HA for me after trying almost every brand for 14 months.
  178. Virto V90 nano vs Virto Q90 nano
  179. Virto V: number of buttons, programs
  180. Phonak Feedback Problems?
  181. Phonak Brio R 312 New to hearing aids, feedback & custom shells
  182. Is Cros for single-sided deafness or also single-sided almost-deafness
  183. Hard or soft Phonak Slim Tip?
  184. Quest platform vs Venture platform
  185. Phonak Audeo speakers
  186. Bluetooth transmitter with ComPilot?
  187. Repair Naida Vs and get Roger Pen, or get Naida Q90?
  188. Any experience with Costco audiologists?
  189. Phonak SP or UP BTE hearing aid
  190. Needing New Hearing Aids
  191. Phonak Compilot "connect" button Not Possible?????????
  192. Venture or Quest technology?
  193. iPFG Sound files
  194. Phonak unveils Naída V portfolio of hearing aids
  195. Phonak launches Sky V: setting new standards for hearing performance
  196. Phonak unveils Roger Table Mic, designed to improve communication at work
  197. Phonak sets new standards in learning with Roger for Education portfolio
  198. Looking for a solution to hearing in meetings
  199. Looking to upgrade my Phonak v70s to v90's but...
  200. Phonak and iphone compatibility
  201. Phonak Receiver Size?
  202. Phonak Audeo V Battery Life
  203. Phonak Audeo V90-312's
  204. What is the Phonak equivalent to Siemens Pure (Binax)?
  205. Imbalance of tones
  206. Upcoming Phonak Audeo V90-R (lithium ion rechargable)
  207. Here is my audiogram. Recommendations?
  208. Naida V90 SP - 1-1/2 week opinion
  209. Compilot setup - Target Software
  210. Phonak V70 312 T vs. Rexton Trax 42 --- Is one superior?
  211. Direct iPnone streaming
  212. Phonak Audeo V90-312's - Target Software 4.3.1 and Hi-Pro USB
  213. Phonak Nadia Q90 up...voices sound like a blown speaker
  214. Planning for VA Replacement Hearing Aids
  215. Phonak Brio and Android app.....
  216. Newbie Questions
  217. Does everyone use streaming devices?
  218. PilotOne for Audeo V70
  219. Question for Phonak Brio Users
  220. Brio Question - distorted sounds and voices.....
  221. New Audeo V70-312 - difficulty inserting
  222. Audeo v70 - which program is in use?
  223. Phonak to launch Belong platform and lithium-ion hearing aid
  224. Still having trouble hearing wife's voice.
  225. Phonak Nadia V90 SP Failure
  226. Phonak Nadia Programming
  227. ComPilot Setup with Target Software ADVICE NEEDED
  228. YES or NO needed please: Can a ComPilotII be setup using only the Target USB link?
  229. Phonak V 90 Programs
  230. Phonak sky
  231. Difference between Savia and Savia ART?
  232. Naida and Audeo
  233. Costco Phone??
  234. Brio T312 feedback problems
  235. Naidia V50-UP
  236. Is comparison between 2 brands in that case possible???
  237. Issues with Compilot
  238. Static on ComPilot
  239. Phonak Brio R-312T
  240. Costco Phonak Brio 2 (Product Information)
  241. Tunity app - recommendation
  242. Phonak Brio 2s - 1st Impressions
  243. Phonak v series tinnitus feature
  244. Naida RIC vs Audeo RIC / both Venture series
  245. It is that time again...
  246. Any experience with Costco Brio 2 R-10 hearing aids?
  247. problem travelling with HA`s
  248. Difference between Naida V RIc and Audeo V RIC
  249. Phonak Audéo B-R questions
  250. Picture of the size difference between an SP aid and UP