Decisions about first HA when primary problem is tinnitus

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After six years of tinnitus, it has gotten worse. Or my tolerance has decreased; same outcome.

So I started looking at HA. Audi says Lynx w/ tinnitus masking enabled; helps some fraction of tinnitus sufferers. No way to know until you try it. $5200

Costco sells Cala 8, almost same HA, w/o tinnitus masking enabled, for $2600. But one can use the Resound Relief Tinnitus Masking app and stream any of a huge variety of tones/sounds to the HA's.

I've posted to the GN/Resound and Tinnitus forums seeking answers from some fellow sufferers who have tried both, to see if the built-in program has any special advantages that the streaming app doesn't.

Yes, there will be a penalty in using the app in terms of fiddling with the iPhone, battery drain, etc. There may also be more flexibility than having to go back to Audi to reprogram the masking tone/level.

That's why I'm asking for some experiences. Thanks for your help. I'll post back a summary.