1. jocker
    I didn't see any one saying hi here yet .....

    So let me say first ..... Hello ......
  2. tboy
    not much activity here, guess Canadians have great ears
  3. NOTLguy
    Good day folks,

    I am a new member of this forum and saw this group. I live in the Niagara area and am being fited with ReSound Alera's tomorrow so I will have something to discuss after that. Looking forward to seeing the differences that they may offer. My hearing loss is a result of my mispent youth in a Toronto Rock Band. Too many decibels and too little common sense or lack of knowledge. Oh well, it could be worse.

    Looking forward to hearing from my fellow Timmy fans,

  4. starlight
    Hello I to am new here and all so new to Hearing Aids and in a bit of a hard spot now. I just got Vigo Pro C over Acto Pro C all because of colour.I know foolish now i go tomorrow to talk about and hopefully get them changed to the new replacement for Vigo Pro C the Acto Pro C

    I suffer from anxiety so nervous about the face to face talk

    I just want my first experience to be a good one and a knowable one
  5. JaniceO
    New to the forum, and from Toronto Canada.

    My 15-20 year old Siemen's Meredian Analog aids are just about bye-bye, one died last month in one day, and the other, just hanging on but may live another I HOPE another two to five years, but the Digital Aids, bug the hell out of me, Number One, I can't even hear the lady at Loblaws talk to me when buying food, I can't hear the birds, and if someone sneezed or something extra light is lightly dropped onto a desk (not even that high) BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!, my left ear nerves get shocked out of hell, and my left ear still hurts from days ago.

    Anybody know someone with a Siemen's meredian hearing aid that works? Can't find any on Ebay, but I have found analog hearing aids on alibaba.com, and there's no single audiologist I know of in Toronto that can suit me properly with analog and a left hearing aid that makes binaural beats or at least the old telephone noise so my left ear nerves don't completely die.
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