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  1. Micheal McCroskey
    If you currently wear haring aids please feel free to share the make and model and any information that may benefit someone else. Also, feel free to attach a picture of your hearing device(s). I would like to see what they look like both in and out of the ear. You may share both positive and negative information pertaining to these devices. BTW - The language you use in church is perfectly alright to use in this group forum.

    So... Who wants to go first?
  2. mbuckley55
    Resound live 9
    I just got mine on Friday and what a difference it has made in my life. I can hear things I forgot about over the last 40 years.

    I ruptured my right ear drum at 19,scuba diving and have had tinnitus ever since. although the hearing aid does not cure it, at least I can hear now.

    I have to have it turned down a little but it is great, I am quite happy being able to hear and talk in a normal tone now.what seems loud to me now is really quiet and people have to say speak up.
    I am happy now and music, what new notes I can hear now. how cool is that.
  3. Micheal McCroskey
    Now that's cool! Resound is a great hearing aid manufacturer and I am sure you will be well satisfied for years to come.
  4. h2o2wine
    Last week after two years of being in denial despite the objective hearing test results and the increasing inability to hear conversations.
    My audiologist recommended Oticon Vigo Pros, and wearing them has been life-changing! Possibly I would be saying this with most any good brand of hearing aids, but to get the support and equipment at the price offered, I just feel grateful to hear again.
  5. estevao
    I recently joined the forum and haven't found the site real user friendly but on the other hand there is much good information posted.

    I am 63 and have a moderate to severe loss across the spectrum but fairly decent discrimination. I have been wearing aids for the past 20 years. My loss continues but the technology is more or less keeping up.

    Right now I have 3 pairs of aids 8 year old CICs from Costco. Full shells that are 5 years old also from Costco. These are Rextons.

    Currently, I am giving a trial to Reach 35s manufactured by Beltone. These are from my Brazilian ENT and are on a very gracious loan/trial period.
  6. estevao
    I don't see a major difference between the full shell Rextons and the CIC Reach 35.

    I am active in sports and business so I like in the ear better than BTE as they don't bounce around or get wet when I am sweaty. The Reach 35 have good power but also feedback on the phone which is not good. I tried the Resound streamer previously and the audio through the aids was good with some lag, but my people did not like my voice on the other end saying it sounded as if I were underwater. I really would like to see bluetooth incorporated into the phone and aid without streamer. That should not be asking too much.

    I want to Resound Aleras 5, 7 or 9 because of the power upgrade they may provide. I was recently quoted 6200 dollars for a pair of Alera 9s. Too expensive, I thought.

    My auidogram:
    DBs 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
    R 85 75 65 80 100 100
    L 100 90 80 75 95 100

    Discrimination: R: 84% at 87, L 84% at 90.
  7. ottomation
    I am a "First Year Camper", still on the learning curve, thats why I'm here. Lost hearing suddenly 6 weeks ago, we are still looking for the reason. I was placed into Unitron system, bluetooth, 8 ch. I also have minears in one ear, that means louder is not better, digital processing is necessary. I included photos for anyone to look at from the main page. Audiogram is still fluctuating due to medical care, which is helping and some new treatment options for minears are available...reprogramming HA to compensate has been great. I use the remote control frequently to assist the situation i am in, store, car or at work.
  8. lsageinaz
    Phonak Audeo

    I am interested in the lineup of Resound HAs. Ok...I admit I am enamored of the conveniences it (they) offer for use with the iPhone (I have one). My question is, now that Costco just introduced a new Kirkland Signature device made by Resound, can anyone out there tell me the following:

    1) what is different in or same The Costco HA and the others in the Resound lineup? I called Resound consumer support and they simply refuse to make the comparisons. They say instead, go to the audiologist and make the comparison. Well, I did...and the audiologist has a quick out answer, saying that the Costco HA is must be based on price!!

    2) I have a pretty good HA already, although several years old now. How does the Resound product compare with Audeo?
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