q leaf pro experience

  1. abuci
    I had exsilent send me q leaf pro hearing aids, I am taking them to audiologist to have programmed ...which did not go over well. I had SSNHL in my left ear back in 2008. www.exsilent.com. Exsilent has amplifiers but q leaf pro is programmable aid. The silicone plug has multiple sizes so you don't have to get an expensive customized ear mold...instant fit for CIC. It also has airtap technology where I can just tap my ear and switch between 4 programs. I have been wearing for a week now and not programmed for my audiogram yet and I love it! I think exsilent is not very established in USA but from Denmark and is trying to break into US market. Audiologist are so connected to certain manufactures which is where I got in trouble. My question is once you got your aids and you took them out, did you have a feeling that your hearing was worse but it was really because you realize how much the aid helps you now?
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