Well on my way to get aids

  1. Reeltripp
    8/15/2016 - After researching this forum, I stopped by the local VA clinic in Morehead City NC and asked about VA supplied hearing aids. I was given a Phone Number for the regional VA Clinic in Greenville NC. Called and was told that I had to have a Primary Doctor at VA before I could be referred to the hearing clinic. Made an appointment for 9/9/16.
    9/16/2016 - Went to Greenville and was assigned a doctor and got a free shot. Was referred to hearing clinic for appointment.
    11/15/2015 - Met with Audiology, they tested my hearing and said I qualified for hearing aids. They ordered ReSound aids and told me to download the ReSound Smart Apt to my iPhone. I'm scheduled to pick them up on 12/16/2016. I had a choice of models and picked the LS62 with the larger 13 battery. They said I would have 4 months to try out.

    Looks like it will take 4 months but that's okay for free. Now I've got to figure out how to connect blue tooth to smart devices.
  2. Cue
    Reeltripp I had a basically the same situation with mine went to Audi in Oct and I get the resounds tomorrow morning, I am looking forward to seeing if I can hear things again and to see how much I haven't been hearing, I was told that you have to leave them in all the time for the first 2 weeks in order to get used to them and then I would need to come back a few times in order for them to tweek the settings.
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