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About My Aids

by The Latinist on 05-07-2015 at 07:55 PM

This entry details my current hearing aids, which were fitted on Thursday, April 9, 2015. This is my first set of aids.

Manufacturer: Oticon
Model: Alta 2 Pro Ti | Product Literature
Style: miniRITE
Color: Cool Blue
Reciever: 85 (mid)
Domes: Open

Current Programs (changes to defaults in bullet points):

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Chronicling My Hearing Aid Search

by The Latinist on 03-23-2015 at 09:22 PM

[Note: I'll be using this entry to chronicle my experience trialling hearing aids. It will be updated from time to time, and linked in my signature. Entries are in reverse chronological order.]

April 10, 2015 - Day Two

Yesterday I helped chaperone a large group of teenage boys on a trip to New York City. It was a real workout for my new hearing aids. On the bus I was able to hear and talk to my seat mate and even hear those behind and in front of me. In Starbucks

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My Story

by The Latinist on 03-14-2015 at 08:22 PM
On January 23, 2015 I developed a sudden, acute ear infection in my left ear. Symptoms included severe pain, congestion, tinnitus, and hearing loss which I assumed was conductive. I immediately sought medical attention, and was placed on amoxicillin. The amoxicillin cured the acute infection, but congestion lingered and was only cleared by a combination of oral and inhaled decongestants. When the congestion cleared, however, the hearing loss and tinnitus remained.

I visited an ENT

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