Yesterday I received the Pilot One Remote Control. It works great. It has a leather case that clips on a belt, it also comes with a keychain strap that can be taken off. There is a "hold" switch on the side to keep the button from being operated in a pocket or purse. I've already dropped it twice and it is still working. It contains one AAA battery for power.

There are four buttons. The top two concave buttons are Volume UP, and Volume down. The maximum adjustment is five detents up, and five detents down. The button underneath the volume button is convex, and cycles through all of the hearing aid programs. The last button (the very bottom convex button) returns all settings to default.

There is a little horizontal light in-between the volume up and volume down buttons. It flashes with long and short bursts for visual cues depending on which button is pushed, but there are also audible tones sent to the aid each time one of the buttons are pushed.

I really like the Pilot One. I think it is cheaper than the "My Pilot" as it has no screen. Since the Phonak ICom does not have any means to control volume or programs (as the Simens MiniTek does), my audiologist "threw" in the Pilot One to sweeten the deal. when I bought the Phonak Solanas, and the ICom with the TV transmitter.