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Thread: Reverse Slope Hearing Loss

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    I am a frustrated owner of a new pair of aids and an old case of low frequency hearing loss. I'll give background info and ask questions at the end. I don't really understand enough to know if you need all this info or not to answer the questions I have.

    My audiogram from last Feb:

    Hz/fq: 250....500....1000....1500....2000....3000....4000 ....6000....8000
    dB-R:....55.....60.......50.......20.......10........ 5.......15.......10.......5
    dB-L:....75.....70.......60.......35.......25.......1 5.......20.......15.......5

    Aids: Miracle Ear ME2100 OP BTE (behind-the-ear)
    Cost: $4280
    Date of purchase: 7/27 (I have a 30 trial period)

    My hearing is functional at work. But, I get complaints from my family that they are frustrated with my lack of hearing. I think the difference is 1) work is less chaotic noise-wise, 2) I work with children and women mostly, and 3) my family members mumble. My high and mid-high ranges seem to do a good job of assisting the losses I have at the low end.

    I've been in with the audiologist twice to tinker with the aids. We have tinkered with both the sound quality and the comfort of the aids. On the first round she gave me large, closed domes. I heard a good friend worse with the aids than without them (she has a lowish voice for a woman). I may have heard a male friend better, but the results weren't dramatic. On the second round she swapped out the old domes for smaller, vented domes because I felt the others were uncomfortable and my voice sounded booming. She boosted the lowest two frequencies almost all the way up and I got a warble in some mid-range frequencies (sounded like someone speaking under water). She lowered the mid-range frequencies which made the warble quieter, but didn't make it go away.

    The Questions:
    How can I help direct the audiologist in helping me? The warble is in women's voices mostly (I was using NPR as a guinea pig). It happens in words brOAd, bOArd, wAter, cOm, shOwEr, pAssed and nIne with capital letters being warbled. I hear it in my voice as well. I don't seem to hear it in music.

    Is this style of hearing aid a bad choice for me?

    Am I being overly ambitious expecting a big difference in my hearing with these aids?

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    Does anyone have any helpful info about reverse-slope hearing loss?

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    I used to belong to a forum for reverse slope loss...try to google reverse slope loss hearing forum...Neil Bauman is the creator of it I can do a search on here "reverse slope loss" or "cookie bite" loss...good luck!
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    There is a reverse slope Facebook page and a reverse slope Yahoo group. Google Reverse Slope hearing loss and download Neil Baumans's article on programming hearing aids for reverse slope losses. Give it to your audiologist and have her program them exactly to Dr. Bauman's instructions. It's basically the opposite of what your audi is doing...that is, upping the low frequency. This causes upward spread of masking and distortion. There is also a new hearing instrument being announced in November that will address low frequency hearing loss for the first time. Don't give up...we're close to figuring this type of loss out!
    My audiogram:

    250 60 60
    500 45 40
    1000 20 30
    1500 30 30
    2000 60 35
    3000 35 30
    4000 25 20
    7000 35 35
    8000 40 40
    Unaided discrimination @ 75db left 20%, right 64% binaural 76%, Speech in noise, single syllable 0%
    Ancora Imparo....I am still learing

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    I ran into a women that had a reverse slope loss and we were comparing our differing hearing losses, mine being HF ski slope. She told me her biggest problem's was she only could hear out of one ear and was not able to understand men's voices and I told her I had no trouble with men's voices but I had trouble hearing some women and small children but that wasn't my biggest problem but maybe we had proof that God has a sense of humor; since she couldn't hear men and I had trouble hearing women!
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    -250 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000
    L 10--5----10----30---50----70----85---80---80
    R 5--10----20----35---45----85----85--100--100

    SP Disc ------------- SRT
    L 88% @55db ------- L-10
    R 90% @55db------- R-25

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    I "hear" that a lot, Scott...since I have trouble hearing and understanding my husband! LOL! I need to know more about the hearing aid for reverse loss coming out in November...anyone have info. on that??? I am trialing aids now and I would wait for those if they were in my price range...maybe it would be worth it to wait??? Still need to see about these Phonaks...thanks! Rosie
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    Thanks for everyone's help on this forumHidden Content -Rosie

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    Thanks all! I have been to Bauman's website, but not the forum there. I also joined the facebook page, but it seems inactive currently.

    I'm very interested in an aid for r-s hearing loss. I have another 2 weeks or so to try out the pair I have now. I'm getting adjusted to them and adjusting them to me too. But, they are not perfect (and they are very expensive).

  8. Smile From a Doctorial Audiology student -

    The consanants "A" and "O" happen close to 500 Hz so if you are having trouble with them being too sharp it's because that Hz is turned up to high. According to the Miracle Ear website these hearing aids have a "Noise reduction" system. Since "Noise" is low frequency, many hearing aids with older less expensive technology have systems that work against your amplification needs because they work against everything that is low frequency and and does not distinguish between what is speech and what is noise.
    I would be surprised if you are seeing an Audiologist at Miracle Ear. Audiologist have a masters or a doctorate degree in Audiology which is an additional 2-4 years of education after college. Miracle ear predominately hires "Hearing aid dispensers" which may only have a high school degree and pass a licensing exam. Although I have seen a few AuD. at Miracle ear. With your loss you need a closed or earmold in order to get the amplification youi need to make the low pitches audible and to prevent feedback. If you have an open dome and aren't getting feedback I wouldn't think you would be able to have enough amplification to fit your loss. OPEN DOMES SHOULD ONLY BE USED WHEN LOW Hz's ARE ABOVE 40 ON THE AUIOGRAM. It should be comfortable in your ear and if it's not the domes the wrong size.
    I really like Oticon Hearing aids for just about every loss, but they have technology that determines what is speech (by the rhythm) and what is noise and will help you get the amplification you need and reduce the background noise. Because of your loss you will always hear more poorly in background noise, but you should be doing better than you are. Best of luck to you.

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    Hi Kelly! Thanks for your post. It's hard to find good, current info about reverse-slope loss.

    At miracle ear I see a sales person. The audiograph she did for me was not good (read: wrong). But, I have a folder full of audiographs done by an audiologist at an ENT office already, so I didn't care so much about that. She is working from the audiologists charts.
    I have flip-flopped over and over again about whether to keep these aids or not (so expensive!). I'll go in Friday and ask if the noise reduction can be turned off or reduced in some way. Maybe that'd help. Reading up at Neil Bauman's website has given me some other tips.

    I didn't like the feeling of the closed domes, but someone said something about venting them in a small way like a pin prick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gigiwatt View Post
    I didn't like the feeling of the closed domes, but someone said something about venting them in a small way like a pin prick.
    I have vents in mine, still feel a little bloked up but helps to still hear the very high frequencies we rely on and the aids can't cover. I have done a lot of reading before getting my aids, I also got my Audiologist to read Neil Baumans's article. I think that openned her mind a bit, she's been in the field for 30 years and she admitted that some things said in the article were total opposite of what they had be doing.

    Seems a lot of people have their 2cents to say on the subject, but you don't read a lot of happy story from people affected. Best is to find an Audiologist that is not stuck in their ways and is ready to work with you to find the solution that works for you

    Good luck

    ..125...250...500...1000...2000...4000...6000...80 00
    R 060...055...050....050....035....020....010....005
    L 060...055...040....050....035....015....015....020

    [Oticon RITE(RIC) Agil pro with custom micro mould, short vent]

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