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Thread: Wax Guard Replacement Frequency?

  1. Default Wax Guard Replacement Frequency?

    I'm most of the way through a trial of Phonak Audeo S SMART RITEs with domes (not certain I have exactly the right nomenclature here). For reference, my previous aids for about 5 years were Oticon Syncro BTEs (i.e., with receiver in aid, tubes, and earmolds).

    I find that the wax guards become plugged almost as frequently as the batteries need replacing. This seems odd if not disappointing to me because I keep my ears quite clean (violate all the no Q-tips deep in ear rules) and I don't perspire much.

    As a new user of this type of aid, it was initially hard to diagnose why the affected aid was suddenly nonfunctional. Replaced battery even though I heard no low-battery warning tone. Audi had not given me replacement wax guards, so I removed and cleaned them with very fine wire, magnifying glass, and strong light (not easy). Then affected aid worked.

    My old earmolds were easy to keep clean. My guess is that Phonak and Oticon have different approaches to this RITE aid problem. The Phonak Agil RITEs that I trialed had domes that were very hard to clean, but the little filters (i.e., wax guards) never got plugged. These Phonak Audeo RITEs have domes that are easy to clean, but I'm concluding that the downside is that they let more wax get through to the filters. Also, with respect to something so basic as filter plugging maintenance, the Phonak manual says "See your hearing care professional." Why don't they just explain wax guard replacement like they explain battery replacement.

    Phonak Audeo RITE useds (and other RITE users): How often do you replace wax guards? Do you do this as "preventative maintenance" or do you do it any time the aid stops working and you know it's not the battery? Experiences? Opinions?

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    I have had Rexton Cobalt 16 (RITE) from Costco for 6 months. I change the dome once every week or two, usually the left before the right side. Wax and sweat definitely affect the sound quality and also a dirty dome itches. Not sure where or how to get into the wax guard to clean it. It's so small and hard to see anything.

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    Totally different experience for me. I've had my Phonak's since February 2011 and I've changed the white wax guard only once. And it wasn't even because I had issues. The only thing I do different is that I keep them in a Dry and Store overnight.

    Also, its not worth trying to clean the wax guard. Just replace them.
    Warm regards...

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    I also have Phonax HA's like yours. I've used them for 2 months without any wax issues. I changed the wax guards at week 1 just to learn how to do it. No changes since.

    Maybe some of the senior people can comment on how and why wax varies from one person to another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overoaked View Post
    This seems odd if not disappointing to me because I keep my ears quite clean (violate all the no Q-tips deep in ear rules) and I don't perspire much.
    Everything I read says that q-tips push wax in further, even if you see a little on the q-tip.

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    Thanks to all who have replied re waxguard replacement experience. Special thanks to Don; probably I need to reconsider Q-tip use and not react defensively to behavior chnage suggestions (which is sometimes a challenge for us older folks).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don View Post
    Everything I read says that q-tips push wax in further, even if you see a little on the q-tip.
    Not for me... I've used q-tips daily for over 50 years to clean my ears. I have a lot of ear wax. I realize q-tips may not work for everyone.
    Still have to change out the waxguards on my Unitron Moxi with transmitter in the ear quite often. I have a set of Phonak Ambra with classic earmold that never requires wax cleaning. The classic earmold is a little more noticeable but it never plugs with wax.

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    You Phonak audi should have given you a little pack of wax guards.
    Re the Phonak documentation ............... they really need to improve it. It would be nice it it explained all the available features so that the user would know what to expect. "See you audi" is a total cop-out!
    After 3 months trial I have just returned the Phonak S Smart IXs. Trying Widex Clear 440 Fusion today.

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    Tried Phonak S Smart IX for 3 months - returned, audi set-up problems I think. Tried 2nd pair of Phonak S Smart IX with 2nd audi - still bad!! Trying Widex Clear 440 Fusion. Have bought the Widex - great sound quality!

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    I solved my clogged was guard problem by buying a Jodi vacuum. I vacuum them every few days and never have to replace them.

  10. Default waxguard and dome

    I have replaced waxguard on every three months on my starkey cic ignite 30 model. but i don't know how to clean dom can anyone shed lights on this? Please...
    prashanth venkataswamy
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