I've just completed trialling the Kirklands at Costco and after several adjustments, dome changes etc. have decided that they are not the aid for my hearing issues-too tinny, no depth of sound and the top end is distorted-maybe the word is to compressed. Anyways, great deal with all the supplies you can ask for. I would recommend the Kirklands for those that feel the sound is right for them.
I have trialled the Bernafon's ( I think they are verite 9's but could be wrong) for the last 2 days and have found them to have a wonderful sound. Well rounded quality sound even with open domes! I did have feedback in one ear and the noisy environment setting was ok but not great. Remember this is with an initial adjustment. But I can live with this sound
I am now trialling the Futures which have a different sound quality as well. A little sharper than the Bernafon's but maybe a little better clarity. As I've only been wearing them for a few hours not much to say, but from having worn aids for 20 years I know these would also work for me.
The Audie mentioned there is a new Bernafon aid coming into Canada Costco in a few weeks which I will also trial. I wonder whether they are the Chronos which I think are available in the U.S. Has anyone any experience with the Chronos? While searching through the forums there really isn't a lot of comment and usually the comments end up discussing the Soundgate rather than the HA. Is there a "review" of the Chronos anywhere?
I must say that although it is a pain to go to Costco so often, it is great to be able to trial a variety of HA's. I've never really had the opportunity to compare as I am doing now. I think it is well worth it.

Freq L R
250 40 40
500 60 55
750 60 60
1000 60 65
1500 60 60
2000 60 55
3000 60 60
4000 65 65
6000 65 65
8000 65 55