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Thread: trouble inserting Resound Future slim tube aids

  1. Default trouble inserting Resound Future slim tube aids

    I just got these aids yesterday (my first aids), and I can't seem to get them inserted properly. The audiologist told me to first put the top curve over the ear, then insert the slim tube into the canal deeply. I can't achieve the second part. The end points of the slim tube, whatever they are called, are just hanging in my ear. I do have tiny canals or so the audiologist says, so maybe that is the problem. I just know I am not hearing well, the way I was yesterday when the audiologist inserted the aids.

    I haven't been able to find an image of the end of the tube, but it isn't a plug type; it's just a bit thicker than the tube itself but is long and cylindrical.

    Any suggestions on how to get the buggery ends of the slim tube to stay in the canals? Thanks for your patience and help.

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    Your Audi shouldn't have let you leave until you had mastered inserting the tubes. Go back and tell them you are having problems. Good luck!
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