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Thread: Add One More Tinnitus Sufferer Into The Mix

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    Default Add One More Tinnitus Sufferer Into The Mix

    Greetings all!

    I am 40 years young and started suffering from tinnitus in about July of 2011. It is a high pitched tone in both ears. It will be really bad for a about 4-5 days then I get a few days with no tinnitus at all. Some days it seems so loud I don't see how people around me can't hear it!

    I saw my MD in September and he referred me to an ENT in October. That visit resulted in me finding out that I have some high frequency hearing loss in both ears. He basically told me that hopefully it would calm down in the winter when there wasn't so much noise. He suggested I see him next summer as a follow up to see how I am getting along.

    As far as medical history goes, I am generally in good health with no blood pressure problems and my blood tests have always been good. I have had a ton of ear infections in my life and still get probably 3 a year. I also suffered a herniated disc in my neck from martial arts in February of this year and went through PT for that up through May. Don't know if that has anything to do with it or just a coincidence??

    As for vitamins and meds, I take a B-12, multivitamin, two fish oils, and ginko daily. I also have take an alprazolam a couple times a week before bed to help me sleep for stress. The tinnitus doesn't cause me to lose sleep. I will also use some apps on my iPhone for tinnitus if it is really bothering me.

    Anyway, I think I might research the hearing aid route next summer if things don't improve. I assume that I can demo them for a while before I decide to buy them since it will be a major expense and my insurance won't cover them.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
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    You won't get much in the way of traffic here.. The threads are not replied to very quickly here in the Tinnitus section as they are in the Hearing Aids or Hearing loss section..
    I would go to these two Tinnitus sites as well as this one..

    You will be updated on whats going on with treatments, and how to cope... You are not alone.. Consider yourself lucky to get any relief at all .. Mine is 24/7 without let up, and gets very intense.. In the case of many unfortunates, it is debilitating to the point of despair....

    I hope yours clears up in time.. all the best to you.. bob
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    Default Just joined and saw your post.

    I have developed tinnitus in my right ear. I'm 53 and it began a couple years ago. It began intermittantly, like yours, and eventually just never stopped. I hope yours remains intermittant or fades. From what I understand, there is generally no way to know what causes it specifically - beyond the general loud noises, infections, etc. I have never heard that supplements cause, exacerbate, or help tinnitus. For me, it's on to a hearing aid. What can we say? S--- happens. Good luck!

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    Welcome to the board, sorry you're joining the tinnitus club.

    I lost some of the hearing in my left ear after a blow to the head. Two weeks after the accident, the tinnitus set in and it's been with me ever since. I notice when I'm tired it's a lot worse. The more quiet the room, the louder the tinnitus. I can forget I have it a lot of the time when I'm out and about and there's all kinds of noises to mask the high pitched whine in my left ear. As soon as I get someplace quiet it comes roaring back since there background noises that mask it are gone.

    I miss quiet. Sad to think my world will probably never be completely quiet again.

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    I did an online tinnitus masker search, and found some audios that would be effective for me. The tinnitus is a minor issue for me, compared to my hearing loss, but in environments where I receive minimal significant audio stimulation, it can be a distraction.

    I like the shower here

    And the 747 here

    No need to get Zen Tones on Widex-- just download and plug it in.

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