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Thread: New Promotion on Rayovac Proline Batteries

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    Default New Promotion on Rayovac Proline Batteries

    We have a new promotion on Rayovac Proline batteries of all sizes, with a promo code to save 10% and Free Shipping in the USA and Canada.

    See the link for the promo and for the discount code:

    Thank you for your support.

    Thank you also to all of our members and the professionals who have been a tremendous help to our community!


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    Hey, you do still come here occasionally. Been some comments recently that you have not been on the forums much lately. Or at least you have not been posting.

    I sent you a PM awhile back and never got a reply. Hopefully you will be checking this thread since it is a promo for your other online site and see this.
    My Audiogram 9/23/2010
    Hz...250..0500.1000.1500.2000.3000.4000.600 0.8000

    Bone Conduction are all 20 Db or less

    Diagnosis from Au = Moderately Severe rising to Mild CHL

    Speech disc:
    L: 100% at 85 dB SRT 45
    R: 100% at 85 dB SRT 40

    I am on my First Set of Hearing Aids, which are Beltone True 17's Purchased in February of 2011.

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    Default Popping in here and there

    Yes, I will be popping in here and there.

    If anyone wants to get a hold of me, email me at, which is what I check the most.

    I really appreciate all of the members and how helpful everyone is and generally friendly most are (I do ban those who are offensive and rude to others whenever I see it) and for the professionals who chime in here...thanks to all!


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