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Thread: Tinnitus reduction (I wish it was a cure).

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    Default Tinnitus reduction (I wish it was a cure).

    I have high pitch mono-tone tinnitus. It is loud. I use a device you can buy over the counter all over the world. Here in the USA you have to have a prescription to buy the device. Please note, here in the USA it is NOT listed as a device that treats tinnitus. My own SUBJECTIVE (not double blind proof) testimony is: it works for tinnitus AS WELL AS for pain and depression - which is what the FDA says it IS for. If I forget to use it on a regular basis - the tinnitus comes back quicker than it went away. It costs a lot of money. It is the size of an old transistor radio. It will fit in your shirt pocket. I am a new member here so I can't post the web site for this. I am an end user. I have no financial interest in this company. So it is three doubleUs, D0T alpha HYPHEN stim D0T C0m By the way. Using this device helps me stop using pain killers too. I encourage fellow tinnitus sufferers to read all the science and research data on this web site before passing judgement on it. The science is valid. Even the military uses it. Veterinary medicine uses it too. (If the above attempt at showing the web link without actually typing it in confuses you: alpha HYPHEN stim = alpha-stim) I splurged to spend the $900 to buy this. But I would not be without it now that I have used it for two years now. Over time. Buying the little 9 volt batteries to run it is better than the bad side effects of Vicodin.

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    Default Here's the link

    Here is the link.

    Which model are you using?
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    This firm is selling three models of TENS units (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulators). The prices range between $600 and $1000. There is a 30-day money back guarantee... with a 10% restocking fee. So for $60-$100 (assuming they honor the guarantee and your package does not mysteriously disappear in shipping or you didn’t otherwise lose your right to a refund) you can find out if this device works for you, right? Interestingly, you can buy non-prescription TENS units on that seem to average about $60-100 in price. Some are less expensive, and some are more. These are not complicated devices.

    The units this firm is selling are marketed for “relief of” chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Would you not agree that those are pretty intractable problems (meaning that they are very difficult to successfully treat under current technology)? That’s true for any one of them, let alone all four of these conditions. In fact, like tinnitus, those conditions have a wide range of causes, subjective patient experience, and are even difficult to verify.

    Let's use some common sense here. The website prominently proclaims a 99.9% satisfaction rate among the company’s customers. On the face of it, that is an absurd claim. You can't get 99.9% product satisfaction on one particular model of pencil you give away for free let alone anything that costs $600-$1000 and is used to treat a challenging issue like pain, anxiety, depression, or insomnia. For me this alone is a HUGE red flag. It is the kind of marketing used by fraudsters.

    Where that 99.9% number came from: their scientific study was a survey of their customers. About a third didn't respond. About a third didn't answer all of the questions on the survey (and so were eliminated from the study pool). They say they ended up with only one dissatisfied customer in the study pool and 1744 satisfied customers. The study was conducted by a doctor who also happens to be the director of marketing for the firm.

    Marketing surveys are not scientific research as to the effectiveness of a product even if they are conducted scientifically, and there are ample reasons to suspect this one was not despite the scientific journal-like format of the study report.

    TENS units can provide some temporary relief of chronic pain and are used for that purpose in rehabilitation medicine. As you might suspect, they're not wonder devices--they help somewhat. For chronic pain or any other intractable condition, that's the best anyone can generally do right now. Some patients get good or fair results; others get no relief. Whether TENS can help with these other problems, I honestly don’t know one way or the other but sure wouldn't use a firm claiming 99.9% satisfaction to try. Since many people believe that at least some forms of tinnitus are related to nerve injury, it does make some sense that electronically stimulating the correct nerve (if it can be reached) could be useful for some patients, but as the OP said, TENS is not a known-to-be generally effective treatment of tinnitus. There is no known-to-be generally effective treatment for tinnitus at this time. Work continues on stem cell and pharmacological approaches.If you really want to experiment with the use of a TENS unit for treatment of your tinnitus, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or insomnia, you can do so on amazon for a lot less money than this.

    To our new poster, if you are sincere, I am happy for your good results and wish you continued success. Others may want to be careful. Because of people’s desperate desires for relief, there are a LOT of scams for treatment of tinnitus that just make other people wealthy.
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    I was just trying to make the site link more accessible for discussion.
    .....250....500......1k......2k.......3k......4k.. ....8k
    L.....25......35......53......68......69......70.. ....90
    R.....15......23......53......70......68......67.. ....87

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    I too have tinnitus and I am treating it by treating muscle tension in my neck and jaw. I have seen significant improvement in last three months. I believe this TENS unit is doing the same thing just that it is not curing it. It just relaxes the muscles and they become tense again because the cause is not sorted out. Can you change the sound by clenching or yawning? If yes look to fix your posture and removing stress from your life.
    I am curious. Does the device give you 100% relief from tinnitus when you use it? I doubt in this case it is nerve related. Nerve damages cannot be reversed that easily. They don't come and go like this. My experience (and of many others) suggests this is a muscle tension problem.

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    TENS after decades of use and study, still isn't a reliable treatment for pain, and those patients who do benefit tend to see the beneficial effect fade in a fairly short time. It hasn't worked at all for chronic pain in a couple of family members who tried TENS.

    My tinnitus initially was made worse, maybe caused, by high doses of ASA-5 for Crohn's disease. I backed off on the dose, it got somewhat better, the pulsating effect disappearing, but the high pitched monotone never went away. I just ignore it and as far as I am concerned the only problem is it seems to interfer with word discrimination.

    I'd consider a lot of the purported treatments for tinnitus, TENS included, to be worse than the tinnitus. Maybe I just have the type of psychological structure that isn't bothered by moderate annoyances like my tinnitus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jingo View Post
    My experience (and of many others) suggests this is a muscle tension problem.
    You nailed it. I've noticed a temporary improvement on Soma.

    I suspect a lot of tinnitus may be from clinical or subclinical TMD, but that area is a minefield with a lot of quacks and incompetents. Evidence-based is not a term I would use.


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    TENS worked for me somewhat, after a severe neck injury in the 70s. Ultimately three invasive operations solved the problem.

    TENS gave an alternative sensation for the mind to dwell on. I developed allergies to the conduction pad adhesives. Once I had developed a sensitivity to all of the different types of pad material, it became useless.

    My hearing aids do help with my tinnitus but not so much at night.
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    So, this has started me thinking. I have two very similar but very inexpensive devices. One is made by Omron and consists of two pads that you can apply to any area of the body. It supplies electrical impulses to relieve pain and tension. I haven't used it in quite awhile. The other is called Sleep Genie and it consists of a little box about the size of a transistor radio with two wires with clips on the end. You put the clips on each ear lobe (red on right and blue on left). The little box supplies an electrical wave that is supposed to cure insomnia and anxiety. Again, I have not used it for awhile and I can't remember whether it does anything for my Tinnitus or not. I'll haul it out and give it a try.

    This latter device, if the hype is to be believed was invented by a Russian scientist for the Military and is supposed to do wicked and wonderful things. I can't remember if they claim that it cures baldness or not **

    Similar waveform for both ears

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    500…………….45db 4000……………80
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    2000……………70db 8000……………85

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    I am also using the included Phonak ComPilot/TVLink package.

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    It is the model 100

    Quote Originally Posted by prodigyplace View Post

    I was just trying to make the site link more accessible for discussion.

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