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Thread: meniere's disease

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    Default meniere's disease

    Is meniere's disease and it's impact not part of the discussion on this web site forum? This appears to be what I'm dealing with although I experienced "sudden hearing loss" a month ago and getting treatment which hasn't helped. I'm not sure if I'm dealing w/ sudden loss or menieres or both.

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    Hi Paul I have meniere's but it took me many years before I was diagnosed. I had SSHL in 2005 where by I woke up and was completely deaf in my left ear it never returned and was put down to infection. In 2008 my right ear started playing up.

    Meniere's disease is also called meniere's syndrome as it's a collective of symptoms. If like me you had hearing loss whether stable or fluctuating/ tinnitus/ vertigo / pressure in the ears it's likely you have meniere's.

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    Default Thanks Stretch

    I think I'm experiencing the reverse. Menieirres and last month Sudden Loss. My right ear was gone and now my left is very marginal. Aids in yesterday and trusting that will allow me to continue to work and deal with life. I'm ok with it all. As they say, "it is what it is"

    Peace to you.

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    Default Consult a doctor for that

    What I am getting is that you are suffering from a hearing problem. If you are the one who is suffering from any kind of hearing impairment, which is attributed to any of the several different reasons, then in that scenario I would suggest you to consult a physician for that.

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    Default Hearing problem is gone

    At the encouragement of a nutritionist I cut out all dairy product, took B 12 complex, and started eating stinging nettle daily. After 3 days I could tell a difference and now 2 weeks later my hearing is back to normal and may be getting hearing back in my right ear which has been gone for years. The dairy contributes to fluid/congestion and that caused a 5 month long loss or distortion of all sound. All of you, try dropping dairy. It may make a difference for you and I pray it does.

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    If it is Meniere's, a low salt diet will sometimes help.
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    Ménière’s condition can create at any age, but it is more likely to happen to grownups between 40 and 60 years of age. Some individuals will have single strikes of wooziness divided by a while. Others may experience many strikes nearer together over a length of time.

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    I was diagnosed with Meniere's 4 years ago by my ENT. I wasn't satisified and found out thru a meniere's message board about an inner ear specialist called a neurotologist (a more specialized ENT). I went and made an appt. He did an MRI and balancing tests. Turned out I have an Acoustic Neuroma. Alway, always...ask for an MRI when you have hearing loss, dizziness, plugged up ears, etc.

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    I have a very similar story--woke up one morning in '05 with significant loss and tinnitus in the left ear (Is it almost always in the left? Sure seems like it based on everything I've read). The loss fluctuated, as did the level of tinnitus. I had an MRI and half a dozen hearing tests done, but the best ENT specialist in the state could only guess that I had auditory nerve damage due to a viral infection (I had just returned from Central America and came down with what seemed like the flu). I notice brief vertigo when pressure is applied to the affected ear, as when pushing a hearing aid receiver into the canal, or when blowing my nose. It's kind of amazing how vague the professional take on this situation is; I feel like I've learned more on the internet than all of the doctor and audio consultations combined.

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    Default Me too

    I've had Menieres for the last few years and my condolences to all you others in this sorry old boat. My right ear has gone through fits and starts, now nearly gone. I chased it with a hearing aid, but I'm doubtful I will ever have anything serviceable in that ear again. What I get now is mostly noise instead of sound, and, of course, the ever-present tinnitus.

    Worse than that is the vertigo. I only get attacks every few months, but they completely debilitate me. I can't stand up, much less get to the medicine cabinet for anti-nausea drugs. So I wait for the vomiting to come (now I keep a bucket next to the bed) and try to breath through it until I can sleep again. I'm terrified that the attacks will become more frequent. I don't think I could keep my job if it got worse.

    My big gripe (ok,after griping about the condition) is the doctors' response to it. The ENT had nothing to say, just handed me a brochure. My gp said there's nothing but bonine for it and the low salt diet (so far, that hasn't had an impact). Is their disinterest based on impotence? If anyone has suggestions on good ENTs in the SF area, I'm all ears (well, one ear anyway). Any good coping skills are also most welcome, especially what to do to minimize the severity of the attacks.
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