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Thread: Hansaton AQ rechargeable

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    Has anyone tried these? They sound great with a 20 hour battery life before recharging. I found these on the internet but not locally. There is an audiologist about 30 miles from me that would program them etc. for me. Just hoping to get some feedback but can't find any on the internet.


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    I have two Hansaton Venetos RICs, not AQ and not rechargeable. They are comparable to the Siemens Pure 501s.

    I wore CICs prior to these and I find these to be far superior in every way. By way of comparison, I get 10 days life out of the 312s and because of this, don't feel rechargeables offer much value.

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    Thanks Tommy for the input. Rechargeables would be nice for my mother. I can handle the batteries but with her arthritis it is difficult for her to do so. With the new technology of the AQ's, I'm just wondering if they are all they say they are. Also, what the sound quality is like.


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