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Thread: Itchy ear and moisture from mold

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    So when I first read this post I thought it was about Mold, like in mold spores. LOL. Kinda creeped me out for a minute.
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    My audiologist recommends using regular 3% hydrogen peroxide as drops into the ear canal to get rid of dead skin and wax. He has patients who must do it daily. I get constant ear canal infections from tight ear molds with tiny vents and end up going crazy with itch, which results from bacterial infection. The peroxide helps curb infections and cut the itch by killing the bacteria and yeast that invariably hide in the ear canal. Your ear canals are perfect little incubators for bacterial growth so you have to sanitize the canal as best as possible. Peroxide is not going to make your ears sterile, but it helps kill the "microflora". I have to lay my head on a pillow and put in 5 drops in each ear, one at a time, and let it bubble away for about 3 minutes. I then rinse the canals out with a ear bulb and warm water, and dry thoroughly with a hair dryer. This has helped a lot. You need to get those ears dry as a desert before putting in the earmolds. It would be nice to have big air vents on the molds since better air circulation helps to keep moisture from building up in the canal- and newer hearing aids have better feedback suppression that makes larger vents possible. My loss is severe and I now need to use superpower aids so feedback is a real problem with even tiny vents.
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    Interesting discussion here.
    I've had sweating or drainage from my right ear for several years now and don't know how to prevent it from happening. I didn't have a problem with drainage until I got new HA's which came with silicone molds then the sweating started and it would have a bad smell as well. I told my ENT about this and he said it was related to the weather. The more moisture in the air would cause more moisture in my ear he said. I changed my molds back to acrylic but the moisture issue continues. Sometimes the moisture issue goes away only to return again a few months later.

    As a side note, Due to numerous ear infections as a baby I have pin holes in both my eardrums which was performed by a doctor. It was also before vinyl tympanostomy tubes were used.
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    First time poster here. I am past 70 yo, have had two different sets of HA, been mostly dissatisfied with both of them (first was Rexton CIC, second pair was ReSound OTE). I have been reading the threads and not sure of all the acronyms, but I think OTE = Over The Ear, right?

    Anyway, the problem with both sets of HAs was that I couldn't keep them in for more than an hour or two without experiencing itchiness and a feeling that my ears were "sweating" inside. This happened even after I went away from the CIC to the ReSound.

    And, off topic, but now I can't find my last pair of HAs! They have to be misplaced somewhere in my house, but, try as I might, they remain lost! ...There goes around $2 grand ...

    I tried Eargene for a while with my last set of HAs, but it didn't seem to give me much relief.

    If and when I get another set, I may try some of the suggestions in this thread. I am hoping that the technology has improved enough since my last purchased set (2010) that I might be able to wear the next set.

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    I found that I needed to apply Eargene for at least 10 to 14 days applied twice a day in order for it to work. By applying this product makes my ears feel wet. Most other products I've tried make my ears too dry or greasy. Have you tried applying it for a full two weeks without success? Have you talked to your doctor or qualified hearing aid dispenser about this problem.
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    My audi at the time recommended Eargene, but I might not have given it sufficient time to experience relief from the itchiness. If/when I get another pair of HAs, I will probably try it again.
    I have another appointment with an ENT doctor tomorrow, and I expect that he will test my hearing to see if I have experienced any additional hearing loss since the last examination. After that, I may check with another audi and explore my options.
    Reading through another thread on this forum, dealing with HAs for veterans through the VA, it gives me hope that I might possibly qualify for VA-paid HAs. I'll wait and check that out before paying out additional money for another set of HAs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sho View Post
    So when I first read this post I thought it was about Mold, like in mold spores. LOL. Kinda creeped me out for a minute.
    Sho me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sho View Post
    So when I first read this post I thought it was about Mold, like in mold spores. LOL. Kinda creeped me out for a minute.
    Sho me too.
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    Most if not all first time HA wearers are going to experience itchy ears when you first start wearing HA's. You either have to use something like Eargene or just tough it out until you get used to having something in your ear and your body decides that this foreign body in your ear is here to stay and basically forgets about it. You can't put in your HA's for only an hour and then take them out because they are itching, if you do this you will never get used to wearing HA's and might as well return them during your trial period and get your money back. The itchy feeling will go away but it will take maybe a month or more to do this, so you have to be patient.
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    I have been wearing hearing aids for over 40 yrs and no longer experience itchy ears since changing to Medical Grade silicone rubber and rinse my ears with hydrogen peroxide, as recommended by my doctoe many yrs ago.. You can get DIY silicone ear molds for very low prices at

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