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Thread: Opticon vs. Audibel or ?

  1. Arrow Opticon vs. Audibel or ?

    This past week I learned that I have high frequency hearing loss rated moderate to severe. I would like to receive your opinions regarding the hearing aids that have been recommended to me.

    • Retired at 53 due to Epilepcy.
    • Children all grown and on their on.
    • Primary hearing activity is normal conversing with my tender voiced wife, telephone conversations, visits with friends (usually no more than four of us at a time), conversing at resturants.
    • Very limited travel.
    • No more sporting event attendance
    • No more car race event attendance
    • Major television and movie watching with our home theater system.
    • Bird watching and strolling in our gardens.

    Here is the list of recommended hearing aids:
    • Audibel Virtue 12 ($4800) batteries extra
    • Opticon Delta 4000 ($3400), 5000 ($4000) or 8000 ($6000) with free batteries for life

    I'm open to suggested other brands or hearing aids

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    The Virtue 12 is wonderful, and I think they are one of the best aids out there. I've fitted many aids over the years, and this is one of my favorites. You might ask about the Virtue 16 which is actually a reasonable upgrade to the 12. It's basically the 12 with a few enhancements. So I wouldn't pay any more than 10% more for it.

    Don't worry about batteries. They are going to cost next to nothing. I'd say (depending on size) you should be spending no more than $80 per year on batteries.

    The Virtue 12 is easily as good as the Oticon 8000. So it will be 10 years at least before the free batteries give you any kind of return.

    I'm an Audibel dispenser myself, and I can tell you that a set of Virtue 12s for that price is a good deal.

    I work in a market where there is a shortage of hearing professionals. I could probably find another dispensing job tomorrow if I wanted to. But I remain with Audibel because I firmly believe in what they make.

    If it means anything to you Audibel is an all American brand, unlike Oticon who are Danish.

    One final tip for you. If you like movies and home theater, go into the settings and increase the loudness of the center channel, or reduce all the others a little. This will help make speech easier to understand during movies, since the center channel is primarily for speech and the other channels are for those annoying environmental sounds that add dimension to the movie, but make dialog harder to follow if you are hard of hearing.
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    Cant compare Audibel with Oticon,
    Oticon is the second largest hearing aid company in the world.
    My suggestion is the big 3 or 4
    Siemens, Oticon, Widex or Phonak this are the obvious choices
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    Audibel is part of Starkey, who have 35 factories in 24 countries. Just how big do you need the company to be? Audibel has 2,000 hearing professionals and 1,000 hearing centers in the US alone!

    To claim that Audibel cannot compete with Oticon is absurd, and shows a complete lack of understanding of the subject matter.

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    I respectfully disagree, Starkey is not a public company and therefore there is no way to see how much money is going out to R+D.

    Ceteris Paribus, if both products have identical specs, dont you prefer
    to buy from a company that is bigger with a strong financial position and
    more money pour into R+D?.

    I honestly believe, for instance that Siemens and Phonak have superior products that audibel. Anyone agree?
    Kids avandia
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    a question to ADMIN

    If you where a candidate for a hearing aid,

    would you wear a virtue 12 over a Phonak verve?
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    Default Siemans vs. Audibel

    Moving from an Audibel Eclipse to a Siemans Centra was a big improvement...absolutely no comparison.

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    Default Oticon VS Audibel/Starkey

    I would have to agree that I would personally prefer Oticon versus Starkey/Audibel any day. This is not to say that Starkey/Audibel's are not good at all, they are very good...just not AS good.

    Yet, in today's world of fast changes, it is my personal opinion that companies such as Oticon & Phonak are leading the way. When it comes to wireless technology and Bluetooth connectivity, there is no doubt that Oticon is currently the leader with Epoq, with Siemens & Phonak close behind.

    Starkey is a great company as far as marketing goes, with their programs for direct mail, newspaper ads, etc and support their dispensers/audi's very well in terms of marketing support.

    Yet, if you really want to find out for yourself which is better, you would have to try and find out for yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawman
    Moving from an Audibel Eclipse to a Siemans Centra was a big improvement...absolutely no comparison.
    The Eclipse was yesterdays technology, it came out in or before 2004. The Virtue represents a complete generation better than the Eclipse, so it's not really a fair comparison. The Centra is still offered by Siemens, the Eclipse has been discontinued.

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    Tell me, does Audibel train their distributors to tamper with a users HAs after a given period of time in order to sell them more?

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