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Thread: Low battery alarm problems

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    It's been happening for months, with all kinds of batteries.

    I live in a desert and don't sweat much. I also put the hearing aids in a UV/Fan dryer every evening.

  2. Angry Not working with Hg batteries either

    Several days ago I received some batteries which were manufactured using Hg. The first battery seemed to be okay, lasting 2 or 3 days before the low battery tones started. However, the second and third Hg batteries start giving me low battery tones within a few minutes and continue for days. I guess it's the Phonak HA after all. I'm going to send it back to my audiologist for repair or replacement. At the very least, to disable the !@#@#$!~#$ ANNOYING LOW BATTERY TONES!

  3. Default Low Battery Beeps

    I had the same thing happen. The audiologist blamed the batteries; the battery company blamed the aids. I sent them back to Phonak for repair and they no longer beep. There was no indication of what was wrong with them though, just the standard "replaced electronics."

    However, once I got them back, I had a new problem -- one of them often wouldn't boot up when I closed the battery door. I wound up having to send it back again, which was maddening. I'm unimpressed with Phonak's quality control.

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