I purchased a Siemens Pure Micon 7 today after 4 years of dissatisfaction with my Phonak Nios Micro III. I am apprehensive about changing brands as I have been wearing Phonaks for almost 10 years (8 years old to 17 years old). I found my Phonak to be too unnatural sounding/unclear, the automatic switching programs weren't choosing the correct program for the situation and after going to many audiologists to have it reprogrammed, I've finally reached the best performance since I got it in 2009 but am still dissatisfied as I don't think it will offer me the options and capability I need going off to college.

My hearing loss is mainly in the speech-range and in the lower tones.

I need to know how the Pure Micon 7 does in the areas of:
  • Durability
  • Clarity
  • Frequency of repairs/problems
  • If it's natural sounding
  • Performance in crowds/rooms that echo
  • Classroom/college lecture settings
  • Any other unique hearing situations or information about how these aides work.

I'll also be getting the MiniTek Remote, so if anyone has any insight on the quality of the remote, that would be very much appreciated as well.