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Thread: ReSound announces first “Made for iPhone” hearing aid

  1. Default ReSound announces first “Made for iPhone” hearing aid

    GN ReSound announces the world’s first “Made for iPhone” hearing aid

    Copenhagen, 2013-10-16 10:00 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, GN ReSound announces ReSound LiNX™, an entirely new premium hearing aid, taking Surround Sound by ReSound™ to an unprecedented level and further expanding its lead in connectivity. GN ReSound’s unique third generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology, based on the all new smartRange™ chipset, is behind this latest technological breakthrough.

    With ReSound LiNX™, for the first time ever, hearing impaired people will be able to stream music and phone calls directly from an Apple iPhone to their hearing aids. The streaming is possible without any stigmatizing, intermediary body worn device.

    ReSound LiNX™ provides an unprecedented sound experience taking Surround Sound by ReSound™ to the next level.

    ReSound LiNX™ has been developed to meet the high quality and usability requirements of “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, and ReSound LiNX™ will provide users with a power-efficient, high-quality digital audio experience.

    ReSound LiNX™ is launched in an elegantly designed mini receiver-in-the-ear (RIE) form factor that fits more than 90% of all hearing losses. It will be presented at the Europäische Union der Hörgeräteakustiker’s “Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians” (EUHA) in Germany from October 16 – 18, made available in a limited release later this year, followed by a global launch during the first quarter of 2014. Under the Beltone brand the equivalent Beltone First™ will be launched following the same release pattern.

    GN ReSound’s CEO, Lars Viksmoen, says: “ReSound LiNX again underlines our core strength of bringing breakthrough innovations to the hearing impaired, making them consumers with choices rather than patients with challenges”.

    For further information please contact:
    Michael Bjergby
    Director – IR, Communications, CSR & Treasury
    GN Store Nord A/S
    Tel: +45 45 75 02 92


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    I wonder how long it'll be before they reach the states, discount distributors, and Costco? I'm currently guessing costco will get them October 2014.

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    Any plans for a BICROS with this?

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    More info about LiNX:

    -- Direct stereo streaming to iPhone
    -- Direct smart control app
    -- ReSound's smallest wireless RIE ever

    -- Powered by new SmartRange(TM) chip
    -- 3rd generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology
    -- Twice as fast and twice the performance compared to Range II chip (Verso)
    -- No additional battery consumption

    -- Sound Shaper (ReSound's new frequency compression algorithm)
    -- Provides audibility of important high frequency speech cues for people with HF loss or dead zones

    -- Synchronized Acceptance Manager (gradual increase of gain over time for easier adaptation)

    -- Two price points, LiNX 9 and LiNX 7

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    Is anyone using this yet? Really interested to here some feedback...
    Hearing Instrument Specialist and Principal @ Hidden Content

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    Help! I'm just into a trial of Starkey's top hearing aid, and it's great, but i really want to be able to use my iPhone instead of Surflink etc.

    Does anyone know if/when the ReSound LINX will be available in the USA?

    What will it really sell for? Less than $6,000 for a pair?

    Will every one sell it for the same price?


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    It should be available for ordering at the beginning of March. The price will vary depending on audiologist markup, but I doubt you'll be able to get the LiNX 9 for less than $6000.

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    Expecting my office to be at 5900 for Linx 9 and 4700 for Linx 7

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