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Thread: Sudden feedback issues, Rexton Quintra

  1. Default Sudden feedback issues, Rexton Quintra

    I've had a pair of Rexton Quintras for a bit over a month now, and have been generally satisfied. Last Saturday I went in for a tweaking. While the aids were connected to the Rexton software, it lost communication with one aid, and then locked up for a bit. Since then, I've had problems with feedback. I had no issues with feedabck before, and the adjustment that I was having made was bringing the highs down a little in the loud sounds on auto, as my voice still sounded a bit metallic/artificial.

    On the way home Saturday, one gave a short feedback whistle in the car. Sunday it whistled a few times. Yesterday at work it was bad enough I called and got back in yesterday evening. The HAD thought that perhaps, with the software glitch, she had forgotten to run the anti-feedback stuff. (Sorry, for working in IT, I'm not doing a good job at explaining what she does with the software.) Anyway, after it was done, we could not make the units feed back-- whistling, cupping my hand over my ear, etc. didn't elicit a bit of noise.

    Today the feedback is back. I get a whistle when getting in the car, from some voices, sometimes for no apparent reason, and I can make them feed back by cupping my ear or whistling.

    Is it possible that the hearing aids were fried on Saturday? Or that they're losing the anti-feedback setting when the power is shut off overnight? I also should mention that the music program sounded good before, but now it is horribly bright and hissy. The HAD didn't do anything to the music program.

    Got another appointment this evening, so any advice is appreciated. Do they need to be sent in and repaired/examined? I'm about to go into the hospital, so this would be a good time to send them off.

    Thanks for any advice.

    P.S. You people who can't get in to your Costco hearing aid centers for weeks at a time should move to Des Moines.

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    I am waiting for my appointment for fitting of my Quintras at Costco here in Orange County, CA. Were your problems resolved to your satisfaction? How do you like them now?

    Thanks for the input.

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    I have had my Quintras for almost two months and since this is my first venture into the world of HAs I am not certain what to expect. For the most part I hear much better in every day normal conversations, listening to the radio and listening to most TV. I say most TV since some for specific programs I have a difficult time understanding the voices. Seems to be very bad with the BBC programs, Doc. Martin, Foyles War, etc. I only have two programs, TV and Automatic. My fitter seems to feel that the Automatic should take care of most situations. Also if I am in a meeting, or cocktail party, and talking to some people nearby the background conversations are difficult to pick up. Better than it used to be as I was usually unable to hear anyone in a noisy environment. I would be interested in knowing what specific programs you have and how they work.

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    Thands for your input.

    I have worn hearing aids for 6 years, Rextons from Costco. I have been very pleased with the results. My hearing loss is not profound as you can tell from my signature. I wish I could see you loss. You can add it to your signature sometime, if you wish. I'll keep you updated on my impressions on the Quintras through this forum and I'll try to leave you a message when I do. I like Costco very much. Stay with it. Your brain will adjust, like mine did. Stay on you fitter until you are happy. Don't be afraid to switch Costcos looking for a good fitter. I did that when my fitter retired, and he was a peach. I'm starting anew now but my old HAs are perfectly adequate and I'm just looking for some improvement and to get new ones now that my insurance covers a portion of the cost .

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    Sorry for the late reply, but I just got home from the hospital. That impending stay was the reason for my anxiousness.

    Yes, we resolved the feedback issues. It was due to something I had completely forgotten about from our Saturday appointment-- we had changed domes from the semi-open/tulip to the double. Went back to the tulip, and the feedback was gone. Not sure I understand the science behind why there would be a difference, but there was. Now, to order the MiniBlu for streaming podcasts from my iPhone. Would have been handy in the hospital...

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