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Thread: New to Oticon Spirit 3/Synchro HAs and struggling

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdog654321
    I can't find the exact specifications to the Oticon Spirit 3, but you can download information on other Oticon HAs at There you can see the Tego and so on.

    Since I am out of the UK until June I won't be able to have further adjustments till then. At that point I'm hoping my hospital, the Royal National Throat, Ear and Nose Hospital will have their new error-free REM machine.

    what do u use? audiscan? Aurical O frye?

    I own an Frye and an Aurical AVS.. I love the AVS for councelin and the frye for more general measurement...

    Frye has a great prices and service... I love the fact they have a modified zwislosky coupler along with several noah modules (profiler and phonix module)... The phonixs i would say needs some work...

    Perhaps the best thing I love about Frye is the Simulated REM, you can run a 22cc test box and based on that it will simulate rem....

    I use this alot

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    Hello guys,

    Thank you very much for your replies. I'll be reading for a while, and come back later with questions.

  3. Default Replacing a Syncro with a Spirit

    I notice xbuilder's location is Miami and I see that he/she has been helpful to subscribers to this forum. I would be grateful for any insights anyone may have regarding this matter: Recently I lost my right ear Oticon Syncro 2 (but not the ear mould) and contacted my audiologist at a well-regarded Rhode Island hospital. She advised that the Syncro was no longer offered and I would be obliged to buy another pair of HA's.

    I failed to find a US supplier but did locate a Spirit 3 in the UK. From all appearances it seemed identical to the Syncro and I asked my audiologist about it. She said "it can not be purchased, programmed, or repaired outside of the UK. Oticon does not provide the computer software to program that type of hearing aid to anyone within the US."

    I bought it anyway(at a good price) and on receipt, tried it out. It is new and "sounds" fine only lacking the thin tube (which I believe I can obtain) to connect to the mould. Is it programmable using the Syncro software? What are my options?

    I am rather unhappy at the way this business (that's what it is) is run in the US.

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