Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but from what I've gleaned from the forum it's a HOH's goldmine! Congratulations to you all!

After many years dealing with hearing issues, due to otoesclerosis, and two stapedectomies (LE in 1980, RE in 2001), last October I was told I need binaural hearing aids.

For over 2 months I've been looking all over (seen 3 different audies and trialed, Phonak Audeo S V, Siemens Live, Argosy, Hansaton Cemia Slim / spent days and days researching on the Internet, etc)

Living in Brazil makes things even more difficult: prices are through the roof, technology is not current (Phonak Quest is planned to be launched here after 4/2014, Hansaton Xear also due to be launched, etc.), and I have the feeling that most Audies aren't well versed in fitting (they do the basic setup, that choice of HA's is a matter of liking ones/disliking others; if you ask to fine tune they fiddle and mostly don't obtain improvements or make things worse),

I now have a window of opportunity to have someone in the US bring me hearing aids from the US next month.
My thinking is: get a pair of Hansaton Linnea HA's, plus all that's needed to program/fit them (I'm technically inclined) probably from bidbybid (I think the best option vs. other on-line/DIY sources)
-I'd think that this would fulfill my immediate hearing needs (conversation with family/others [not always saying: say again/what/huh?/etc.] and attending class: large/echoey/reverberant classroom + mumbling teachers) and would get me through at least 2014 (from what I see A LOT will be changing in the field (iPhone+Resound, some technology catchup in Brazil, my moving ahead on the HA learning curve. etc)
-this sounds to me like a reasonable cost-benefit vs. risk equation

I guess that may major concern would be if Linnea X-mini RIC don't sound good or if I should go with the Inara (or Antaro) due to their additional features, but I'd really not like this due to price! I had initially considered the Cemia X-mini RIC, but the Linneas are at par pricewise

I'd really appreciate you thoughts/feedback/sage advice on what I've stated above - please ask away!

Again, congrats to all
Rgds, JS

PS: I also have Tinnitus (acuphen 72dBNA/07dBNS (TP) MML 67dBNA/12dBNS(NB) +-7600Hz)