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Thread: Lyric hearing aid by Insound Medical

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    Arlee, thanks for posting your experience with the Lyric. I had heard about that but the thought of not being able to get something out of my ear scared me. Also, not being able to get it wet or jump in a pool - to inconvienient.

    Have you demoed some Resound Be's? They are really awesome and pop in and out easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jam
    I've got to find out more about the Lyric ASAP. I am about to spend ALOT of money on another type of hearing aid. I understand the Lyric is only available in CA. How long will it take for it to make its way out to OH ?

    Thank you.
    I live in Thailand and returned from San Francisco in September (08). I met with the doctor who developed the Lyric Aid while in the City. I was astounded by the demonstration. It is new and still in development but does have trial users in the area who all rave about this new product. You do not buy the Lyric, but subscribe to it. It is changed every 90 days to a new unit. The procedure is simple but should be done by a professional to get it positioned properly. It is about the size of a Tylenol capsule. Living in Thailand I do not qualify to try it but I am waiting for its release. I am eager to use this new exciting product. Gary Hacker (

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    I got a Lyric about 6 weeks ago in my right ear. I have a digital hearing air in my left ear for the last 2-3 years.

    The digital hearing aid is a piece of crap. Can't be used outdoors even in light breezes. Not that good inside either. But I was starting to have loss in my right ear. So, the gal talked me into a Lyric.

    This thing is pretty good - at least compared to the digital. Had to go back in the first three weeks because ear wax built-up over the mike and it was like an ear plug. She replaced Lyric on the spot (rather than clean it up).

    So far, so good. I leave it on outside without a feeling like there is a tornado around me. It's not perfect, but it's WAY AHEAD of the digital piece of crap in my left ear.

    Had a few sharp pains the first week or so I had the Lyric, but that went away. After a while, you sort of forget it's there. Worst part is you always want to clean your ear (cleanliness habit) and you can't.

  4. Default The Lyric and water . . .

    If you like water sports, perhaps the biggest sacrifice in using Lyrics is that you can't get water in your ears - water kills the device.

    The manufacturers, and my first audiologist, claim you can shower normally without worrying about this, but my experience so far indicates that you have to take precautions. One of my devices died quickly and suddenly, and my second audiologist diagnosed it as water damage. She recommended using disposable ear covers when showering. They are hard to find in stores, but you can buy them online here:,pd.html

    They are cheap and very easy to use. And so far I have not had any further water damage problems.

    I started using Lyrics in late October, and have adjusted very well. I'm generally no longer conscious of having anything stuffed in my ear canals, the sound is reasonably natural, and I'm hearing quite well. I dreamed about such a device decades ago, and it has so far lived up to my dreams as well as any first-generation innovation could possibly be expected to.

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    Default Lyric works well, unless you get water in your ear.

    For me I was just looking for performance in a hearing aid. I have justified paying $3,400 every year for the use of the Lyric system and can deal with going in every few months or so to get new ones when they crap out. I have gotten used to them in my ear and normally forget that they are there. I got by the itching and weirdness of having something in my ear with in a week or so.

    My experience is the same as yours, Tanker. As you say, water will kill the device. I have become very careful about the water. I have had to change some habits. Always use earplugs when I shower. I now shave out of the shower and keep the earplugs in even while shaving. I have been using MACK'S Earplugs- -with some success. I still get a little moisture in my ear so I will try the ones that you recommend.

    I did decide to get the Lyric for both ears which gives me a better hearing experience. I seem to forget that they are in my ears and often forget to turn them off at night which shortens their life.

    I did finally take a dead device out of my ear a couple of days ago and can still get the benefit of the remaining one in my other ear. I'm going in after the 1st to get them replaced. I can see that they will last 2 or 3 months, if you watch out for water and turn them off at night to save the batteries.

    Although I had tried other hearing aids in the past and couldn't make them work for me, I have found that the Lysic is working for me and can recommend them. I am looking forward to improvements.

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Default Lyric hearing aids

    My first were inserted the first week of December. I had been using Pulse behind the ear but liked the idea of the Lyric and insurance would cover it this year and not next. I have problems with TMJ and I have ringing in the ears that the Pulse helped (I have very little hearing loss). I am almost always feeling like I have my left ear under water or won't pop from airplane pressure. My right was removed because of pain and irritation. Using just the left Lyric and my Pulse was just weird so my husband pulled the left too. I just had them reinserted on Tuesday and I'm having trouble with the left ear again. I was doing fine until I went to Costco today which seemed to upset the balance between the two ears and I tried turning them off then on again, changing volume, etc. Rubbing the outside front of the ear seems to help sometimes but not alleviate the feeling all together. Any suggestions, what else can I try besides driving across town to the only audiologist who inserts the Lyric? Thanks for your help.

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    I've been wearing the lyric since May of 2007. I do not think i'm going to renew the subscription when it is up. It seems everytime I turn around, my aid is plugged up and I have to go in for a replacement.

    When I purchased the aids, I was promised that if I needed a Lyric replacement, I could come in and it would be a quick switch. Well, my average time waiting at my audiologists is 30-45 mins, and usually they can't get me in until the next day. I was in this past Monday for a replacement (after about a month) and now on Saturday, one aid is plugged. So now, i have to make an appointment to go there sometime next week to have it fixed. When I purchased these, I was lead to understand that I could just pop in whenever I needed a replacement. This has not been the case. This has been going on since I started.

    80% of the problem is there is no consistency in the installation. I find that when they take the time to clean my ear in between change-outs, everything works out better. But, most of the time they are in such a rush that the cleaning is not completed thoroughly and I have problems.

    The performance of the aid is so-so. It is analog, so there is no voice shaping. Also, because of the way it fits, it is hard to distinguish low frequencies. In addition, because of the long term wearing, understand that hearing aid performance WILL diminish in your 1-3 months between replacements. It will get to the point where you will notice the degradation of sound, but you will force yourself to hold out as long as possible to avoid a return trip to the Aud/ENT for replacement until it is necessary. My wife notices this by our conversations and my "huh's", and TV volume.

    I am a man in his mid 30's that was very excited about the Lyric. The prospect of having hearing aids that were invisible was very exciting to me and I was willing to pay the money to experience this. I am not the type that complains about everything, but I feel for $3000 a year, the results should be better. I have done everything to try and justify the expense and trouble the Lyrics have brought me, but I cannot do it any longer.

    I think the saving grace for this product would be removable wax shields, like the pull off windshields they use on race cars. That way, when an aid was plugged, you could "tear off" that guard and the wax that was plugging the aid and get another month or so of use. Hopefully they will implement something like this, along with better training of the ENT/Aud that install them. Maybe then I can look at revisiting these aids again in the future.

  8. Default Lyric and Tinnitus

    This is my first post here, in fact my first post on any blog. I have been searching the internet for over a year for relief from my hearing and tinnitus. I live in Calgary Canada and understand there may not be dealers for Lyric here yet. Can anyone comment about whether tinnitus is less when wearing a Lyric??

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    Have had Lyrics since May 08. Love them.
    PRO: Once I got used to them it's like they aren't there! I hear so much better than any of the BTEs that I used, both volume and voice clarity. I shower and swim (head mostly above the waves) with no problems; batteries have lasted more than 3 mos, except for one 6 week period; usually leave them turned on when I sleep. When outside noise is bad (air travel, lawn mowing), I shut them totally off and they're better than earplugs that I used to use. Have had no problem removing them when they die; and my audiologist is very responsive.

    CON: Of course the $3000 annual fee! I agree with others who suggest a high buy-in, but then lower annuals. Initially there was some pain/itching especially due to my ear canals being both shorter and smaller diameter than ideal; can't wait for the smaller versions. My tinnitus is still there 24/7, but its impact is less because I don't have to look for excuses for not hearing.

    My family AND I have noticed the much better hearing, and the convenience can't be overstated. When traveling, I carry my old digitals for backup, but if it's near the 3-month die-time, I just get them replaced! Just hurry up with the next version!


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    Well, I have decided I am not going to wait until the subscription is up. The Lyric aids have turned out to be a huge PITA. With my last replacement, the left ear lasted a total of 5 days before going out. I removed it myself and left it out, rather than face the 45 minute ordeal to go to my Aud for replacement. I have decided to go with a more traditional BTE solution. Lyric was a huge waste of my time and money.

    A big part of the problem was my Aud, but the life of these aids was no where near what was promised. I had one set that lasted a little over 2 months, otherwise it was only a month or so. Most of the time during that month, the aid would become clogged and the magnet wouldn't even work, so I was stuck with a un-adjustable, partly clogged hearing aid that I just put up with to prevent a return trip to the Aud. A part of me wants to take Insound to small claims court to recoup the money I have wasted by using a product that did not perform as promised for me. I cannot recommend this solution to anyone.
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