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    I Have Recently Been Diagnosed With A Hearing Loss And Am Considering The Oticon Hearing Aid. Where Can I Buy Them Wholesale And Where Can I Get Them Adjusted In The Dayton- Cincinnati Ohio Area.

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    Are The Avada And Oticon Hearing Aid The Same. They Look The Same And Much Of The Marketing Materials Are Similar?

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    I believe they have a sizeable stake,

    this is not common, Amplifon also has a large stake in dispensing offices

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    this is no mistery, what is own by oticon is disclosed as they are a
    public company...
    For example, Phonak- runs a large dispensing chain in brazil...
    So it is not comon that large companies do want to operate directly
    in large markets....

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    xbulder, your last two posts made no sense to me, and didn't answer the OP's questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFFORDABLEDREAMS
    Are The Avada And Oticon Hearing Aid The Same. They Look The Same And Much Of The Marketing Materials Are Similar?
    sorry i did not explain myself , i think i was talking to someone...

    William Demant (aka Oticon) owns several companies, in some countries like brazil they are completely integrated, they wholesale and retail at the same time...

    because William demant is a public company there is a lot of information that is avaible in their website....

    I believe they have the majority of the stake, but you need to look at their

    So back to the issue, it is logical they have the same marketing is they are have a large enough stake...

    would this make sense...?

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    this is what they own.. they own 51% so it is natural that its the same product or products...

    Company Interest
    William Demant Holding A/S, Denmark Parent
    Oticon A/S, Denmark 100%
    Oticon AS, Norway 100%
    Oticon AB, Sweden 100%
    Oy Oticon Ab, Finland 100%
    Oticon GmbH, Germany 100%
    Oticon Nederland B.V., the Netherlands 100%
    Oticon S.A., Switzerland 100%
    Oticon Italia S.r.l., Italy 100%
    Oticon España S.A., Spain 100%
    Oticon Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland 100%
    Oticon Limited, United Kingdom 100%
    Oticon Inc., USA 100%
    Oticon Australia Pty. Ltd., Australia 100%
    Oticon New Zealand Ltd., New Zealand 100%
    Oticon K.K., Japan 100%
    Oticon Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore 100%
    Oticon Nanjing Audiological Technology Co. Ltd., China 100%
    Oticon South Africa (Pty) Ltd., South Africa 100%
    Prodition S.A., France 100%
    Bernafon AG, Switzerland 100%
    Bernafon Hörgeräte GmbH, Germany 100%
    Bernafon S.r.l., Italy 100%
    Maico S.r.l., Italy 100%
    Bernafon, LLC, USA 100%
    Bernafon Canada Ltd., Canada 100%
    Bernafon Australia Pty. Ltd., Australia 100%
    Company Interest
    Australian Hearing Aids Pty. Ltd., Australia 100%
    Bernafon New Zealand Pty. Ltd., New Zealand 100%
    Bernafon K.K., Japan 100%
    Acustica Sp. z o.o., Poland 100%
    Phonic Ear Inc., USA 100%
    Phonic Ear (Canada) Ltd., Canada 100%
    Phonic Ear A/S, Denmark 100%
    Maico Diagnostic GmbH, Germany 100%
    Diagnostic Group LLC, USA 100%
    Interacoustics A/S, Denmark 100%
    DancoTech A/S, Denmark 100%
    Danacom Produktion A/S, Denmark 100%
    Inmed Sp. z o.o., Poland 100%
    Hidden Hearing (UK) Ltd., United Kingdom 100%
    Hidden Hearing (Portugal), Unipessoal Lda., Portugal 100%
    Hidden Hearing Limited, Ireland 100%
    Akoustica Medica M EPE, (Hidden Hearing), Greece 100%
    Digital Hearing (UK) Ltd., United Kingdom 100%
    Centro Auditivo Telex S.A., Brazil 100%
    Western Hearing Services Pty. Ltd., Australia 100%
    Hearing Healthcare Management, Inc. (Avada), USA 51%
    Sennheiser Communications A/S, Denmark 50%
    American Hearing Aid Associates, Inc. (AHAA), USA 49%
    Bernafon Nederland B.V., the Netherlands 49%
    HIMSA A/S, Denmark 25

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    Dont know about wholesale , but the best service i have had was at dayton institue of hearing and balance... i used to live in dayton 2 years and am now in cinci . Ibought my oticon xw from them about 3 yrs ago and they have been really accomodating with fitting ... i tried some other audiologist here in cinci but they werent as knowledgable imo...

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