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Thread: Tinnitus Relief Program Needed?

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    I have hearing loss in higher frequencies and the accompanying tinnitus I would call low to mild. The tinnitus doesn’t bother me. I wonder whether it prevents me from hearing as well. Two audiologists say “somewhat.” One audiologist recommends hearing aids with tinnitus relief programs. Since the tinnitus doesn’t bother me, will the added noise of a tinnitus relief program be bad?

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    As a practitioner who has done a patient history (based on your feelings of tinnitus) I wouldn't set up the tinnitus feature as of yet. You likely will not hear it with the amplification. My two cents.

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    I too have tinnitus and I have had it for years, slowly getting more persistent. When I first recognized that my hearing wasn't quite as good as it should be, I thought that maybe it was the tinnitus that got in the way - I guess I hoped that the hearing would somehow become better, could I only get rid of the tinnitus! My audi told me that she did not think the tinnitus was loud enough to actually interfere with my ability to hear, but that hearing better with hearing aids was likely to diminish the tinnitus. And that turned out to be the case.
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