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Thread: Hearing Aid Dryer

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    Not all desiccant is renewable in the microwave. Make sure you have the right type before zapping it.

    Found this online:
    Place the silica gel in a microwave safe container. Set the container inside the microwave.

    Heat the silica gel for three to five minutes on medium to medium high.

    Examine the silica gel for color change, which will occur when it is recharged or dry. If it is not dry, stir with a spoon and place back into the microwave for an additional three to five minutes.

    Continue checking it for color change and microwaving for three to five minutes until the gel is dry. Let the silica gel cool to room temperature in the microwave-safe container.

    Read more :

    Hope it helps! And thank you

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    Many of the hearing aids have an IP67 rating. It means they are pretty much impervious to dust and can be submerged to a limited depth for a period of time. If your aids have the IP rating, you don't need the desiccant according to the manufacturer.
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    Sounds tome like y'all create complications, it was likely 20 years ago I built a small plywood box, lined it with cork. I placed an electric socket in one end to hold a 7 w bulb, in the other end I placed a small plastic tray with rice in it. Now for 20 years I have placed my hearing aids in this little box when I go to bed, I never turn the light out, the temperature inside the stays a constant 90. All moisture is dried over night, the rice continues to absorb it and the bulb dries the rice. Simple, no bells or whistles.

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    I use the dry and store that was given to my by the VA for my aids, I don't remove the batteries I just open the battery doors. It works great, and I get 8 days out of the 312 batteries. And I wear my aids an average of 14 hrs a day.
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    I just got first time new aids and was told to take the battery out before placing them in the jar with the compartment open. After I learned that the battery life for mine is 3-4 days based on 16 or so hrs of use I thought, what the heck could happen to a battery in that time? Not much I would imagine in silica gel. Just my opinion.

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    I think the consensus around here is that it doesn't significantly effect your batteries if you put them in a HA dryer.
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    Maybe you should take out the battery as well as leaving the door open. To my surprise, after wearing my BTE's most of the day, I opened the battery door and saw moisture on the battery mounting bracket. I was shocked! There was no reason for it. I was not in any rain, I was out once in the cold to check the mail and that was it, I stayed dry indoors all day, I had not been sweating. There was absolutely no reason I could figure as to why the moisture formed. I put them in a dryer every night. I did not notice any moisture in the morning but I wasn't looking for any either. This is really a curious find???? I may take this to a new thread.

    Can anyone give me a clue as to why? Did it come from the battery? I can't figure anything else.

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    I use the Serene Renew, also, and leave the batteries in with the doors open. With my non MFi Phonaks I was getting ~ 7 days for the batteries (312). With the Resound Linx2, I'm getting maybe 4 days (13). I read in another thread that the UV light can cause the plastic in the tubing, maybe the ear mold to harden, but, not sure, and too soon to tell. I used to use the Dry & Store Travel version, but, like another poster, got tired of having to buy the bricks, also the size was too big to easily travel with.
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    The reason for removing the batteries is two-fold:

    On some hearing aids (such as my behind-the-ear Phonaks) opening the battery door will "restart" the hearing aid, but won't turn it off. It temporarily turns off, then restarts in its "automatic" mode because the battery is still touching the electrical contacts.

    Also, the battery is partially covering a section of the hearing aid (such as electrical contacts or the door) which may retain moisture and need to dry out. Removing the battery allows the silica gel dessicant in your dryer to get at all the moisture and do its job.

    The dryer won't harm the battery, but the battery (left in the hearing aid) is simply in the way.

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    I'd say a bigger reason was that batteries discharge far faster when they are warmed. Significantly every 10 degrees celcius warmer will double the speed of the chemical reaction inside the cell, whether that voltage is used or not. Any excessive heating will diminish the overall life of the cell.
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