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    I have tinnitus which got worse recently. I am being evaluated for a cochlear implant in a couple months. Does a cochlear implant relieve some of the tinnitus? Or will I be turned down for a cochlear implant because I have tinnitus possibly in both ears.

    Thanks for any information.


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    The tinnitus does not have much to do with getting a cochlear or your eligibility to have one. For insurance what is looked at is your audio gram in conjunction with your speech discrimination. I had severe-profound hearing loss in each ear and the ear that received the cochlear could not even use a hearing aid, and my speech discrimination was about 45%. They said that if it was much higher, I would not have been eligible for the implant from the insurance company's perspective. Tinnitus really doesn't have much to do with it, although when taking the hearing tests, I always have to ask them to pulse the tones because otherwise sometimes I cannot tell if it is the tone or my tinnitus.

    Your doctor would be the best person to ask for your personal situation, but my personal experience was that I had tinnitus before the implant, and I still have it after. It seems less noticeable when I am wearing the cochlear because other sound data from the cochlear is presented and probably tends to drown out tinnitus sounds. At night when I take everything off to go to sleep, I hear the tinnitus, but fter you've had tinnitus for a while, it seems to be easier to tune it out or something.
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