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Thread: Special education services?

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    Default Special education services?

    My daughter was recently denied special education services through our school district. She would be in the early childhood development program, the reasoning behind being denied for services was that she is above par in language development with her peers. We work with our daughter daily and she presently receives speech therapy privately twice a week or about 8 times a month. Are we not being penalized for being proactive? Based on the fact that most kids diagnosed late with hearing loss are often thought to have a low level of intelligence, can we not make the same argument for receiving speech therapy services? Has anyone else had any experiences with something similar?

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    I would think that the logical step is to consult the doctor/staff you are working with and getting a letter from them indicating that she is in need of the service.
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    How hearing impaired is your daughter?
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    Why not hire a special education advocate to evaluate opinions to have the school consider support for your daughter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rweigle View Post
    Why not hire a special education advocate to evaluate opinions to have the school consider support for your daughter?

    Great advice, thanks. Also she just turned three, she has mild in her right and moderate in her left. Recently diagnosed, she read lips prior to that, always wondered why she would study someones face. Makes sense now, thanks to everyone.

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    Retired school psychologist here. If her speech and language development is above average, the school will consider her as not having an educationally significant handicapping condition at this time.

    It would be best if you carefully document the interventions she is receiving at this time. You can prove that her high functioning level is a result of intervention, thus justifying maintenance through school-provided services. This is the relatively new philosophy in special education.

    Turning to outsiders to help you with your negotiations with the school district tends to create an adversarial situation is not advantageous for the child. It should be used only as a last resort. I might suggest you lay off and watch the situation. She will need close monitoring as she enters the school system, and individual adjustments will be necessary. Classrooms will be noisy, and she may need an individualized connection to her teacher's voice. She will definitely need preferential seating.
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