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Thread: TinniTool EarLaser any good ?

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    Question TinniTool EarLaser any good ?

    Hi everyone,

    did any of you ever tried this tool ? Does it work or is it another way to got money from people ? I find it very expensive for just a small device, but if it would work wouldn't mind to invest into this ... Has anyone any experience with it so far ?



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    an "independent" review

    see how it works section

    it regenerates hearing cells (which at this point is impossible)

    so my guess is no it does not work

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    I've seen this kind of tests on the net, but I wonder if anyone here has ever tested it ? I'm more looking from user feedback here. So if they offer money back, why would they ever release something that doesn't work ?

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    Just wanted to pop up and say that I am a user of tinnitool. It's not an actual cure but I have definitely seen improvements. However, I had tinnitus only in one ear and it was the result of trauma (firecrackers). I don't know if it works for people with different etiology! I explain my story in full detail here. I would be happy to answer anyone's questions

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    I've gone to acupuncture for 2 visits in the past week and I mentioned my tinnitus. They have a tool just like this (not sure if it is the same brand), but in 2 sessions I've noticed no change in my tinnitus.

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    "Soft Laser"? EUR420? Maybe a laser pointer for $10 would do the same? I think an industrial laser would be out unless one can already see thru to the other ear.
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