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Thread: Phonak to launch next generation platform Belong.

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    I just gat a pair of Audeo B90, coming from Oticon Alta Pros... What a remarkable difference (don't get me wrong the Alta Pros were excellent but my hearing has deteriorated a bit making speech understanding difficult. I can now hear and understand speech at least 80% better than before. Using the TV adapter makes watching movies/TV ( Including the never ending Election debates ) enjoyable without extreme volume settings.

    We discussed the rechargeable option and decided since 80 Mins of streaming is not nearly enough, the 312 option was the best choice for me.
    My Audiogram
    0250Hz R-20 L-20
    0500Hz R-25 L-30
    1000Hz R-30 L-35
    1500Hz R-50 L-35
    2000Hz R-50 L-50
    3000Hz R-65 L-70
    4000Hz R-75 L-75
    6000Hz R-85 L-85
    8000Hz R-85 L-85
    Speech Audiometry


    R - 35
    L - 35

    Phonac Audeo B90 w/COMPilot II and TV adapter

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    Phonak claims the new Audéo B-R will last 24 hours on full charge, including up to 80 minutes of wireless streaming. Let's see what's happen with this. You can also get useful information about batteries by clicking here.

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