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Thread: Phonak to launch next generation platform Belong.

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    I just gat a pair of Audeo B90, coming from Oticon Alta Pros... What a remarkable difference (don't get me wrong the Alta Pros were excellent but my hearing has deteriorated a bit making speech understanding difficult. I can now hear and understand speech at least 80% better than before. Using the TV adapter makes watching movies/TV ( Including the never ending Election debates ) enjoyable without extreme volume settings.

    We discussed the rechargeable option and decided since 80 Mins of streaming is not nearly enough, the 312 option was the best choice for me.
    My Audiogram
    0250Hz R-20 L-20
    0500Hz R-25 L-30
    1000Hz R-30 L-35
    1500Hz R-50 L-35
    2000Hz R-50 L-50
    3000Hz R-65 L-70
    4000Hz R-75 L-75
    6000Hz R-85 L-85
    8000Hz R-85 L-85
    Speech Audiometry


    R - 35
    L - 35

    Phonac Audeo B90 w/COMPilot II and TV adapter

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    Where does the 80 minutes of streaming come from? The claim that phonak is making for their rechargeables is 33 hours of life after a full charge with a 10% reduction in life after four years of use. I don't remember the exact graph that they were showing for streaming, but I recall that something like six hours of streaming would still leave you with 24 hours of use. My understanding, coming away from the discussion with our rep, was that you could stream to your heart's content and not worry about the battery dying on you during the day. There is also a battery pack available that you can clip onto the botton of your charger that will give you seven nights of charging if you are going somewhere without power--and if you charged every other night (because few people are doing 33 hour days) you'd have 14 days on the charger. On a long trip, you could carry two charging packs. Battery replacement outside of the warranty period would incure a substantial repair fee, but it's not the case that you have to buy new hearing aids if the battery dies--and I imagine sending in your hearing aids during the last year of the warranty period with a claim of low battery life could get the battery replaced and then you theoretically have another good 4 years.

    Certainly the claims regarding the life of the battery will need time to be tested.

    2.4 for Phonak will probably be another year or so.

    Aside from the batteries, the biggest change in the Belong platform is the addition of Sound Recover 2 previously only in the Navia V line. SR2 is the best frequency lowering option currently available.

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    Phonak claims the new Audéo B-R will last 24 hours on full charge, including up to 80 minutes of wireless streaming. Let's see what's happen with this. You can also get useful information about batteries by clicking here.

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