Last Thursday I was in excruciating pain from about 9:30 in the morning and then at 10am all my hearing vanished in the left ear. Some of it came back by 1:30 and a tiny bit more later on but it seems to have got worse since then.

After a long evening spent in Accidents and Emergencies and a dosing of prednisone, I was sent home to come back the next day for testing. It turned out that rather than sudden sensorineural hearing loss, I have glue ear.

Just wondering what other people's experiences of glue ear are. Is it normal to get intermittent bouts of severe pain? How do hearing aids work with the fluctuations in loss? At what point is a BCHA a good choice?

I'm going tomorrow to get my hearing aids turned up. The ENT doctor wanted to do watchful waiting before changing my settings but I really need to be able to hear for work - I work as a Teaching Assistant with 4-5 year olds.

The asymmetry has also been very disorientating. Ordinary my hearing loss is at about 30 in the low frequencies, and 50 in mid and high. Glue ear has dropped me a good 20dB on air conduction. I'd say that it was tested at the very best it's been and since got a bit worse.