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Thread: lifeear hearing amplifier review

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    Default lifeear hearing amplifier review

    Have anybody here using lifeear hearing sound ?
    My friend recommend me this one :
    LifeEar Hearing Amplifier


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    Success will depend on your actual hearing loss and word recognition. This PSAP is for those with a mild-moderate aging loss who need just a little help in understanding speech. If this describes your loss, it is worth a try. If you have more loss and find these won't work well, the next step up is a true hearing aid for $1800/pr at Costco. That will also give you improved speech-in-noise results which the PSAP may not provide.

    It all really depends on your loss.
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    A hello to all. New member here
    Rolling the dice on a pair of LifeEar PSAP's so...we shall see.
    As my audiogram indicates, my hearing deficiency affects the clarity of spoken words.
    My "plan" is to wring these out for a few weeks then decide whether to keep them...or return them.
    Keeping my fingers crossed! Cheers!


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