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    I've been contributing to this board since April and the interactions with other members have helped me tremendously throughout my hearing loss.

    Late January 2016 I started acting strange and irrational. My wife asked me to move my car in the driveway since I was blocking her from leaving for work. This set me off as I was suffering from the onset of viral encephalitis. I ended up storming out and driving away. I never showed up at work that day. My boss called and no answer. Eventually my boss called my wife wondering if I was okay. Shortly thereafter the police called my wife. I had been involved in a minor accident. When the police officer asked me for my drivers license I gave him a compact disk. Luckily he realized I was suffering a medical emergency and he called the paramedics. I was taken to the ER where I ended up in intensive care.

    Encephalitis is a rare form of brain swelling that I believe came about from an ear infection I caught from my youngest daughter. Somehow the infection spread to my brain causing confusion and basically utter lunacy. I ended up in ICU for several days and had a brain biopsy to confirm my diagnosis. I was put on 60mg of prednisone right away to control the brain swelling. When I was released from the hospital I could barely walk and my cognitive functions were poor. I wasn't hearing well, but it didn't really sink in.

    I saw an ent in early March after my other symptoms started subsiding. At this point all I really knew was that I was having trouble hearing my soft spoken father in law. I figured I just had some wax build up that needed to be cleaned out. I also kept hearing a buzzing sound and figured the attic fan was busted and just kept turning on. When I went to the ent he did a tuning fork test. I heard nothing. He then referred me for a hearing test. After the hearing test, the ent said I needed binaural hearing aids. I was shocked, but didn't mind too much after all I incorrectly assumed hearing aids would give me normal hearing again.

    Well from that point on I have been wearing hearing aids since the end of March this year. I learned I have a low frequency loss and have done a lot of research to get the most of my hearing aids. Hearing aids when programmed properly for my loss do help a lot. My current struggle as I mentioned on another thread is hearing some male voices who are on a cell phone.

    Since I'm still relatively new to hearing loss I am still figuring out how to best cope with it. I believe I am close to the acceptance phase of grief. I am 32 so I figure to be in the working world for another 30-35 years. Regaining lost confidence is still a work in progress, but I'm optimistic that I can still function well in both my professional and personal life despite a hearing loss.
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