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When you say "repeated elsewhere," are you saying that it should be repeated by a different audiologist? Or would repeating in six weeks with the same audiologist be adequate? That's the current plan.

I'd suggest getting another test done, six weeks isn't going to make a huge difference. Your call on the audiologist, if you feel happy with them.

I'm not really worried for speech development; her speech development is entirely within normal range for her age and sex and of course the thresholds for the most important frequencies for speech intelligibility are all excellent. Am I correct in thinking that it's mostly going to affect her overall impression of loudness?

Yes, that's where the loudness perception comes from

Would it be a good idea to do the CT just to rule out unlikely things, or would you suggest holding off unless things change? (I'm not going to base my decision entirely on your advice--we've got our own surgeon and audiologist--I'm just interested).

They're more medically qualified than me, but I'd be interested to know what they thought the scan was going to reveal in relation to the relatively mild conductive loss.

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