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    Found this site after searching for hearing aid reviews and information. Was shocked to see this section on this type of a forum. I think it's great for comfort and help.

    Still working with an ENT Surgeon to figure out the cause of my SHL.

    To try and keep a very long story short;

    Had a dentist extract my upper wisdom teeth in lieu of an oral surgeon. He convinced me it was simple, he could perform it easily and would save me money. He ripped them out and the left one had bone still attached to the roots. He had also cracked the tooth in front of it. This was followed by botched crowns and I was in severe pain for quite a while that encompassed the whole left side of my head. I lost hearing in my left ear about a week after the surgery.

    The inflamed oral nerves affected the nerves associated with my eustachian tube causing a disfunction. My ear drum was sucked in and the only way for me to hear temporarily was to pop it. This caused a floppy ear drum.

    I had the cracked tooth removed, bone graft completed in my jaw and had an implant put in place which finally made the pain go away. I was referred to my final and current ENT. The last two have been wonderful, highly acclaimed and great to work with. They performed a laser surgery to tighten my eardrum which worked great. It improved my hearing but I still showed about a 40% loss.

    Recent tests show that my inner ear or auditory nerve is not working correctly. Not only do I have a loss but they recorded a 0.68ms delay in my hearing. They fear a damaged nerve or growth on the nerve. Had an MRI done and waiting on the results.

    Not sure where to go from here. I haven't been able to find anyone who has gone through it. All of the doctors I've met with are confused as to how this could have happened.

    I may be too confident in the hearing loss stemming from the botched oral surgery but they seem to think otherwise. They are at least thinking that this 'trauma' could have damaged something but they're not sure what or how.
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    Wow, that's terrible. I hope they get to the bottom of it soon.

    I had my bottom two removed a few years ago. It didn't go especially well, even with a highly recommended oral surgeon. He pulled and pulled and finally had to cut them out, which seemed much easier than trying to break them loose (I was awake for it). I still had bits of bone get pushed up out of the wounds over the first few months. Had a dry socket on one side, painful for months.

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    Thanks, I appreciate it. Been dealing with the entire thing for over 3 years now and would like some closure. Other people in this world go through so much more so I definitely don't feel sorry for myself. Putting my circumstance out there with the hope that someone who's gone through something similar or more knowledgeable may have some answers. And you never know. If I find the answer then hopefully I can share it for someone else who may be looking.

    Recently I've found research papers potentially linking the Cochlear Nerve with the Trigeminal Nerve (V2 & V3) since they do wind up in close proximity of each other before reaching the brain stem.

    Wondering if I should visit a neurologist? Will check on next visit.
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