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Thread: Replacement for Beltone Turn TN3T85

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    Default Replacement for Beltone Turn TN3T85

    Recently one of my hearing aids bit the bullet (Starkey A-13 S-amp.. lasted like 15 years it was a tank). The other A-13 i had died a number of years ago and was replaced with a Beltone Turn TN3T85. Sadly it seems i cannot get either model now. I'm looking for a aid thats still in production that would be a suitable replacement for an aid of that quality. Preferably analog.

    Alternatively if anyone knows of a company that repairs aids within canada that can possibly repair my A-13 i would love you forever.

    I'm planning to get stapedectomy within the next year so i'm hoping not to have to spend a bundle.

    thanks for any advice and help

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    You're going to have a hard time finding analogue hearing aids. They are almost all gone. Check around to see if the clinics near you have any donation hearing aids and you might have more luck finding analogues that they could clean up for you. It'll be kind of like buying a really old used car though--history unknown, could break down tomorrow.

    To make a digital sound more analogue, you can basically just get the cheapest hearing aid that you can find and ask the audiologist to turn off all of the automatic features and make the amplification as linear as possible.

    Why anti-digital though?

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