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Thread: Sudden Hearing Loss & New Hearing Aids

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    Smile Sudden Hearing Loss & New Hearing Aids

    I am a new member tothis forum and a new user of Hearing Aids.
    I have had Work Relatedhearing loss since about year 2000 but have put off getting hearing aids.
    Then suddenly at theend of August this year I suffered Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in myright ear.
    I first noticed itafter swimming and thought it was caused by water plugged ears.
    After the second daywhen it did not clear up I phoned my Doctor and saw him within 2 hours ofphoning his office.
    He immediately madearrangements to for me to see a ENT Doctor that afternoon.
    After a hearing testwhich showed complete hearing loss in that ear, she prescribed 100 PrednisonePills to be taken in decreasing amounts over 16 days.
    At the end of thisperiod my hearing returned to above 90% of what it was.
    She diagnosed thecause as a Viral Inspection in my Inner Ear.
    It was after thisexperience that I decided to get fitted for hearing aids.
    I got BTE, RIC WidexUnique 330's.
    This is my 3rd fullday with them and I absolutely love them.
    Only problem I amhaving, beyond my wife's loud voice, is the receiver falling out of my ears.
    I just got fitted withretaining strips, but if they don't work I will probably ask about custom earmolds.
    Hopefully WorkersCompensation ,WSIB in Ontario, Canada,will cover the cost of the HA's, but if for some reason they don'tI certainly don't mind paying for them as I like them that much.
    I also got theCOM-DEX.
    Although it worksstreaming phone call and music from my IPhone, the Widex App does not work.
    I have E Mailed Widexand will see what they say.
    I will keep updatingmy postings.

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    BEH, I'm so glad so much of your hearing came back after the SSHL! That's great news!
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