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    I bought a pair of used KS5 made by ReSound.
    The gentleman I bought them from told me he took them to Costco and they were turned up
    to full volume. Even with the remote turning them to the lowest volume level they are often too loud.
    I am in Canada and went to the local Costco to see if I could get them adjusted; "We won't even reprogram
    hearing aids that a husband gives his wife", was the response.
    I wrote a guy advertising reprogramming on eBay he said "only Costco can reprogramming these Kirkland ReSound hearing aids".

    I wonder if anybody knows if Costco in the USA is a little more flexible or if there is anybody besides Costco that can
    and is willing to do the reprogramming.
    I have an audio-gram and will post it as soon as I find it.

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    I hope you didn't pay a lot.

    It has been said that the Costco aids are transferable. The normal way is for the owner to go with the person and transfer their ownership. You then need to be a Costco member to get support which will include reprogramming and basic supplies - not batteries. This runs for the life of the aids.

    If you can get the person you bought them from to do this, you have a chance at getting Costco support. You'll need some documentation for that from the person transferring the aids.
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    First are you a Costco member?
    If so.. try a different Costco or run it up the chain of command where you tried dont mention ebay.
    If not a member you are wasting your time.

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    I am a Costco member
    The guy who I bought them from locally was the executor of his father inlaw's estate
    I paid $300 Canadian so about $225 US with the remote
    I'll talk to him
    If that doesn't work then it is either sell on eBay US where I see them trading for $300 to 700 US
    or perhaps a baffle on the receiver to dampen the volume

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    Hopefully he will find the paperwork for you. Best bet would be to take him along. At Costco ask to see the dept manager then go to the store manager if need be.

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    The KS 5 is a Rexton/Siemens aid. The KS 6 is a ReSound aid.
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