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Thread: Choosing the color of a mini BTE

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    Default Choosing the color of a mini BTE

    For a man with short hair (and Caucasian skin), is it better to match the color of the HA to the skin or the hair?

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    I have dark brown hair and my hearing aids are transparent orange. There are some people like match their skin color or some like to have cool color to wear their hearing aids.

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    I've done both, and it doesn't seem to matter. People who don't wear hearing aids won't notice them anyway.

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    some of the instruments have more than one tone..

    for example the epoqs you can get them black and silver

    so if you got white hair the top would blend nice and the lower part (black) could easily be hidden as part of your glasses, if you wear one..

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    I've been wondering the same thing. I've got brown hair so I ordered brown, but being female I'm thinking about changing it to transparent purple (Phonak Exelia). Can I hear from the ladies in the forum? Would wearing purple look like I'm listening to music instead of "harking"? LOL

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