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How much you take?
Well... because the FDA has yet to evaluate the medical claims and /or benefits of Ginkgo and because a "Daily Value" has not been established I elected to stay on the safe end of the recommend dosage and only take 120mg once a day. I've read the recommended dosage for folks with dementia was 40 milligrams 3 times a day (or 120mg daily). For improving brain function in healthy folks the dosage varies from 120mg to 600gg a day. Since a daily value has yet to be established and since most studies suggested starting with a low dose of 120mg once a day that's what I've always stuck with to that. Granted... some studies have shown improvements for tinnitus but only when it is from a vascular origin while other studies report it does nothing for tinnitus. As mentioned earlier, I only started taking it for the rumored cognitive benefits, not for hearing or tinnitus. Although I've never had a reason to be concerned, due to the published side effects of Ginkgo I've never been inclined to increase the dosage beyond 120mg.