Hi Folks,

I went to bed one night with a fever in August of 2014 and woke up to bilateral sensorineural hearing loss slathered in tinnitus. Fast forward to the present, and I'm at the point where I'd like to give hearing aids a try.

Like a lot of people on the forum, I'm a big fan of music and surround sound home theater systems. I've gathered there's large degree of personal preference involved, so recommending one hearing aid above another is subjective.

I've seen some of the other wiz bang features geared towards the iPhone. Since I'm a fan of Android, I'm more inclined to lean more towards sound quality. I've also seen some advertise tinnitus relief with soothing nature sounds, but if they don't have prerecorded howler monkeys or Bavarian horse yodeling, it really doesn't seem worth it.

So far, the only hearing aid I've tried is the Siemens Pure 7 Primax. I won't go into detail, but for whatever reason, that's the only device that was offered. I've since made an appointment with a more flexible audiologist and hope to try out the ReSound Linx2 9. From what I've seen there are some others made by Starkey and Widex that are also rated well for music. Has any one compared any of these, and if so, what was your impression?


Right 5 10 10 20 35 40 40 40
Left 10 5 15 10 30 25 30 45